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Kayaking In Bali: Best Spots Revealed

Kayaking in Bali is an experience worth trying if you ever find yourself on this paradise island. Although Bali isn’t famous for kayaking, the magnificent rivers, such as the Ayung River, Sugai Telaga Waja, Bagund River, and Pakerisan River, are excellent kayaking spots to try the sport.

Kayaking is a sport that will allow you to witness some fantastic views. Moreover, Bali’s rivers and oceans offer the perfect opportunity for beginners to test out their love for kayaking. With its crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and captivating coastal scenery, Bali unveils a handful of kayaking spots that enthrall and delight paddling enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a novice looking to embark on a thrilling aquatic adventure, Bali’s kayaking spots offer a diverse range of experiences for all skill levels. From serene coastal explorations to thrilling river rapids and fun mangrove adventures, join us as we delve into the best kayaking spots in Bali and uncover the island’s natural wonders that await paddlers seeking a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.

So, grab your kayak or paddle, make sure you’re ready for excitement, and let’s set out on a fun-filled kayaking journey in Bali!

Best Kayaking Spots in Bali

If you truly want to try kayaking or canoeing in Bali, we suggest choosing a destination widely known for the perfect conditions the sport requires. Luckily, Bali has no shortage of such spots, and each offers its own set of pros and cons for kayakers and canoeists. Here are the best ones:

Ayung River

Best for the perfect kayaking experience in Bali

  • Skill Level: Beginner/Advanced – (Class II, III & IV)

  • Route length: 10 kilometers

  • Location: Ubud

The longest river in Bali, Ayung River, is one of the most popular kayaking and canoeing spots on the entire Indonesian island. The Ayung River kayaking route spans 10 kilometers, while the river itself is much larger, offering breathtaking views. Kayaking  through the Ayung River will take anywhere between an hour and two hours, depending on your skill level. Regardless, the Ayung River is often the go-to kayaking and canoeing destination for locals and travelers alike.

There are two kayaking seasons to look out for. The dry makes it much easier to kayak through the river, while the wet season can challenge beginners. Luckily, there’s no shortage of kayaking tours to make the most of your experience.

Kayaking prices for this spot are around $50 per person. For that, you get an hour to two hours of kayaking with all the equipment included in the price. 

Ayung River

Telaga Waja River

Best for advanced white river kayaking

  • Skill level: Advanced (Class III & IV)

  • Route length: 14-18 kilometers

  • Location: Karangasem

The Telaga Waja River offers advanced and experienced-level kayakers an excellent opportunity to experience the sport and enjoy the breathtaking view. The river is considered rapid, which isn’t recommended for beginners, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try it on a thrilling kayaking trip.

Located in East Bali, kayaking the Telaga Waja River is an adrenaline-pumping adventure. You’ll be rafting through the lush rainforests and witnessing the beautiful gorges the Karangasem Regency offers. This picturesque journey will take you through some of the most stunning places in Bali. Similarly to other kayaking spots, many tour guide companies offer the experience at a price. Expect prices to range anywhere between $30 and $50 for adults, depending on the route length.

Amed Beach

Best for exploring marine life while paddling the open sea

  • Skill Level: Beginner (Class I & II)

  • Route Length: Depending on the tour guide company

  • Location: Eastern Bali, Indonesia

Amed Beach is located on the East of the island and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The beach itself is a world-famous snorkeling spot. But where there’s one water activity, there’s room for another. 

Kayaking through Amed Beach will be an unforgettable experience. The shallow coral reefs and diverse marine life provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine exploration with paddling out to sea. Truly, kayaking through Amed Beach is one way to discover Bali’s vibrant marine life.

Kayaking tours through Amed Beach will cost between $30 and $50 per adult. 

Lovina Beach 

Best for exploring marine life while paddling the open sea

  • Skill Level: Beginner (Class I & II)

  • Route Lenght: Depending on the tour guide company

  • Location: Northern Bali, Indonesia

Situated on Bali’s northern coast, Lovina Beach offers a more tranquil kayaking experience. You can kayak along the coastline, witness dolphins swimming in the open sea, and enjoy the calm waters and beautiful scenery.

Like Amed Beach, Lovina Beach is a popular tourist destination and the perfect spot for trying out all kinds of water sports, including snorkeling. The diverse marine life, including dolphins, and shallow waters offer an opportunity to discover the beauty of Bali’s waters in all of its glory. Hop onto a kayak with your friends and paddle through the open sea to familiarize yourself with the basics of kayaking.

The waters at Lovina Beach, with its dolphins, are generally calm and offer the perfect conditions for beginners to learn and develop a fascination for the sport.

Lovina Beach kayaking tour guide companies charge similar prices to others. However, considering the favorable conditions for the sport, you can find much more affordable guides. So, kayaking on Lovina Beach costs between $20 and $40 per adult. 


Best for witnessing the amazing beauty of the Indonesian Island

  • Skill Level: Beginner (Class I & II)

  • Route Length: Depending on the tour guide company

  • Location: Buleleng Regency

Munduk, or the Twin Lakes, lies in the heart of Bali. It is a popular tourist destination with perfect conditions for kayaking on calmer waters. Therefore, it is absolutely recommended for beginners. Munduk is a small moutan village with altitudes of 500 and 1200 meters. 

It is an impressive sight, one that lies between volcanic craters and gorgeous rainforests. There’s tons of stuff to do here, and kayaking is one of them. Expect adult kayaking prices to range anywhere from $25 to $40. 

Essential Tips for a Successful Kayaking Experience in Bali

Embarking on a kayaking adventure in Bali promises an unforgettable experience as you navigate the island’s picturesque waterways, uncover hidden coves, and immerse yourself in its natural wonders. Being well-prepared and mindful of certain tips will enhance your journey. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a first-time paddler, these essential tips will help you make the most of your time on the water and create lasting memories in Bali.

Choose the Right Location

  • Research and select the kayaking spots that best suit your skill level and preferences.
  • Consider factors such as water conditions, difficulty level, and the surrounding scenery.

Safety First

  • Always wear a properly fitted life jacket and ensure it remains securely fastened throughout your kayaking expedition.
  • Familiarize yourself with basic water safety guidelines and techniques before hitting the water.
  • Check the weather forecast and sea conditions to ensure safe kayaking conditions.

Follow Local Regulations

  • Familiarize yourself with local kayaking regulations, including any permits or licenses required.
  • Respect restricted areas and wildlife conservation zones to protect the environment.

Dress Appropriately

  • Wear lightweight, quick-drying clothing suitable for water activities.
  • Consider wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Paddle Technique and Skills

  • Learn and practice proper paddling techniques to improve efficiency and maneuverability.
  • Take lessons or join guided tours if you’re new to kayaking to enhance your skills.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

  • Carry an adequate supply of water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized during your kayaking journey.
  • Pack lightweight and non-perishable snacks that are easy to consume while on the water.

Enjoy the Experience

  • Embrace the beauty of Bali’s waterways, take in the stunning landscapes, and savor the serenity of kayaking amidst nature.


Kayaking and fishing in Bali might not appear on your travel bucket list, but it is an unforgettable experience. Saying Bali has amazing kayaking spots would be an understatement. From the calm and tranquil waters of the Twin Lakes to the challenges the Ayung and Telaga Rivers offer, there are no shortages of kayaking spots in Bali.

Whether you want to paddle through serene lakes or take on the rapids, Bali’s diverse waterways have something for everyone. So grab a kayak, hop in a fishing boat, and spend a fantastic day exploring the stunning waters of this tropical paradise.