How much is a membership at Bull gym Bali?

Regular membership rates

Our membership rates are flexible and affordable. We offer the best rates in all of Canggu and make it worth your while.


5,000,000 IDR

  • Free entry to the gym
  • No courses


1,000,000 IDR

  • Free entry to the gym
  • No courses


650,000 IDR

  • Free entry to the gym
  • No courses


250,000 IDR

  • Free entry to the gym
  • No courses

Please note that no exceptions will be made.

F.H.I.T classes rates

Crossfit classes are open to members and non-members at the same rate. Participants who are not members will only have access to the class and not to the gym.


8,400,000 IDR

  • Drop-in rate


1,600,000 IDR

  • Drop-in rate


750,000 IDR

  • Drop-in rate


250,000 IDR

  • Drop-in rate

Please note that no exceptions will be made.

Combo rate



Accès to F.H.IT classes & gym

Our reviews

“There is a brilliant selection of equipments so you can get all the cardio you need (rower, stepper, cross trainer, running etc), there are many dumbbells / hand weights and loads of bars so I never have to wait for equipment.I think they have the largest selection of weights machines I’ve ever seen in one place, again, never have to wait.”

Simone Rogers

“Just one of the best gyms of my life!!! A real gym that was designed by real athletes and not just managers who start because it’s fashionable. You won’t often have the opportunity to train next to world champions, if you really want to explode your potential, the BullGym is the gym for you.”

Loup Claron

Fantastic Gym Hands down, best choice I’ve made training at Bulls Gym Very friendly team The atmosphere makes me actually want to go train. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. The Owners are super nice and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at.”

Valerie Perez

Gym membership prices FAQ

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it is no surprise that many people come here to enjoy the beaches, the food, and the culture. However, Bali also has a lot to offer in terms of fitness and wellness, and there are many gyms and fitness centers that cater to tourists. Prices for gym memberships vary depending on the location and facilities.

How much is a gym in Bali?

A gym in Bali is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy while on vacation. With a wide range of equipment and fitness classes available, you can find the perfect workout to suit your needs. Prices start at around $68 per month ou $15 per day, making a gym in Bali an affordable option for everyone. Whether you’re looking to tone up before hitting the beach or simply want to stay active during your holiday, a gym in Bali is the perfect solution. So what are you waiting for? Get fit and have fun at the same time!

What is the cheapest gym to join in Canggu, Bali ?

If you’re looking for the cheapest gym in Canggu, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Bull Gym, we offer affordable membership options that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a casual gym-goer or a serious athlete, we have a membership that’s right for you. And best of all, our prices are unbeatable for the best “value for money” in Canggu! In addition to being affordable, our gym in Bali also offers a wide range of amenities, including a weight room, cardio equipment, H.I.I.T classes. The staff is also friendly and knowledgeable, and they’re always willing to help you find the right workout for your needs. So if you’re looking for a great value gym in Canggu, Bull Gym Bali is definitely worth checking out.

For those of you travelling to Bali, staying in top shape can be a struggle. After all, who doesn’t want to lay back and enjoy a nice vacation in this paradise part of the world? But if you simply can’t stay away from a gym, then Bali has some brilliant gyms for you to visit. Bali is a known destination for mental and physical health. With wellness on the rise, what better way to live a healthy lifestyle than to sign up with a gym in Bali?

That’s why we’re here to give you our guide on how to choose a gym in Bali. Even if choosing a gym in Bali is as easy as enjoying a beach cocktail, it’s important to consider a few factors before deciding on one. So, here are the six factors to consider next time you’re visiting a gym in Bali.

Bali gym: 6 Things To Look For

1. Look At A Gym’s Quality of Service

A gym is a business that provides its customers with high-end training equipment and access to personal trainers, among other things. So being a business, customers should expect a worthy quality of service. Not every Bali gym offers the same service to its customers. However, you must find a gym that caters to your fitness and workout needs. As such, the first factor to consider is exactly that. But how do you determine a gym in Bali’s quality of service? There are a few ways to do that. The best way is to look at the gym’s social media reviews. Many Bali gyms have Facebook or Instagram accounts where customers leave reviews. If the reviews are positive, then that’s a promising sign.

Google reviews are also helpful. Unsatisfied customers will have a thing or two to say about a gym’s quality of service. So if the majority of the reviews are negative, chances are the gym doesn’t offer sufficient quality of service. This first factor is vital for getting a positive experience when getting a workout. You shouldn’t settle for second best and always prioritize the quality of service a Bali gym provides.

2. Examine the Gym’s Price and Rates

The next factor to consider when choosing a gym in Bali is the price and rates. Different Bali gyms offer different types of membership plans. In addition, gyms offer a wide range of classes. Some gyms offer fitness classes, yoga classes, and more. So before signing up with a gym, make sure to check out their prices and rates. Rates can vary from one gym to the next. Some gyms are more flexible and offer more convenient and affordable rates for classes. From day passes to six-month plans, the perfect gym will align with your needs. It’s safe to say that gym membership rates get more affordable the more time you sign up with them.

For example, a six-month membership plan offers more value for money than a day pass. The best gyms want to retain customers, so naturally, they will give you the best rates for long-term membership plans. Another thing to note is that membership costs vary depending on what type of plan you go for. But regardless, a gym’s prices and rates must align with your budget. If a gym is too expensive, then chances are you won’t sign up with them. Affordability is a key factor and always settle for a gym that is affordable and not overpriced.

3. Check Out If the Gym Has Sufficient Equipment

A gym has to have a wide range of equipment to meet your workout needs. Whether that’s fitness equipment, dumbells, or cardio machines, the more options, the better. In addition, the fitness classes should have enough equipment on hand for every member. To evaluate what sort of equipment a Bali gym has, you will need to look around. Fortunately, gyms are made in a particular layout that you won’t have any issues spotting all the equipment at first sight. Here is the type of equipment every gym should have.

Cardio Training Equipment

The last type of equipment you should be looking for in the best gym is cardio equipment. This one is pretty straightforward, as a cardio workout involves hopping on a treadmill or exercise bike. But these two fitness machines aren’t the only ones the best gyms should have. When it comes to cardio, you either hate it or love it. So if you do fall into the former camp, the only way to love cardio again is by diversifying your cardio workouts. In addition to treadmills and exercise bikes, look for fitness equipment such as rowing machines, air bikes, vertical climbers, and so on. Having lots of different options will help motivate you whenever cardio is on the daily menu.

Free Weights For Strenght Training

Strength training comes with numerous benefits. It is one area of your body that you will spend a lot of time working on. Naturally, the best gym should have lots of free weights at your disposal. Group classes should have equipment such as dumbells, kettlebells, and barbells as some of the most common types of free-weight equipment. To avoid making a mistake, make sure that the gym has an adequate amount of free weight equipment. The last thing you want is to wait in line for someone to free up the dumbells while attending group classes.

Functional Training Equipment

Every gym has to have functional training equipment. This is the sort of equipment that complements your fitness training and allows your body to move naturally. As such, you have to also make sure that the gym has enough functional training equipment to complement your workout. Some of the most popular equipment for functional training workouts include elastic bands, jump ropes, pull-up bars, plyo boxes, medicine balls, and more.

4. Evaluate the Experience of Personal Trainers

The best gyms in Bali provide you with access to personal trainers. However, if a gym has personal trainers, you have to evaluate their experience first before signing up. So how do you do that? The first place to start is by evaluating their physical appearance. While this might sound childish, it is necessary that you like what you see. A personal trainer that looks fit and in shape is a good place to start. The last thing you want is for the trainer to look out of shape, sluggish, and unimpressive. Another thing to focus on is their training methods. The trainer’s training methods must align with yours. If your goal is to slimmer down, you have to know what you’ll be working on. Since a training session lasts only an hour, you have to achieve quite a lot in that time. What sort of fitness exercises will the trainer put you on? Does the person hold classes or individual sessions?

Gym Personal trainer bali

One way to get answers to these questions is to talk to the personal trainer directly. Get to know them better by sitting down and having a chat. The best personal trainers are charismatic and communicative. This comes after years of experience holding training sessions and group classes. When on the subject of experience, ask for how long they’ve been a trainer. Is this their first rodeo, or does the person have years’ worth of experience in thefitness world? But that’s not all. A personal trainer will cater to your fitness needs on and off the gym. They will modify your diet, set goals, motivate you, and should be available to you whenever you need to give a call or text. These are all hallmarks of a professional personal trainer to help you achieve your workout goals.

5. Inspect If the Gym Has Enough Rooms and Equipment For Functional High-Intensity Training

Functional high-intensity training, or as some call “high-intensity functional training (HIFT), is a combination of functional and intense workouts that all CrossFit enthusiasts love. Crossfit focuses on functional movements. The best Bali gym should allow you access to CrossFit training equipment and trainers. Whenever choosing the right gym for your needs, you should ask yourself if CrossFit is one of those needs. More so, the gym has to be big enough to allow you to move freely while exercising CrossFit. Since functional high-intensity training uses your muscles more than general exercises, the ideal gym must have the equipment to support CrossFit exercising. Some of the necessary equipment for CrossFit includes deadlift bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, rowing machines, cardio machines, pull-up bars, weight benches, ropes, squat pads, and more.

6. What Other Facilities Does the Gym Offer?

The best gym should give you access to other types of facilities. These facilities serve the purpose of enhancing your experience while at the gym and supplementing your workout. One of the best examples of this is a stretching and mobility area. Most gyms have a functional fitness area that includes plenty of ropes, weights, medicine balls, etc. This area is all about working out your body’s natural way of moving. A cardiovascular area is an area where you work on cardio. Naturally, this area is full of cardio equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes. But almost every gym has these facilities. So what are other facilities that the ideal gym should have?

As mentioned previously, a stretching and mobility area is one of those. For those of you who aren’t interested in lifting weights or running the treadmill, a stretching area is an ideal space to train your core and flexibility. This area will have plenty of yoga mats for yoga classes and similar equipment that help you start and end your workout. If you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ll notice that a stretching and mobility area is the first and last place members go to.

Another type of facility that the best gym should have is a personal trainer corner or area. This is the area where you go with your personal trainer and make the most of your workout sessions. Ideally, this area is reserved for gym members that have paid for a personal trainer. Thus, it should be off-limits to most gym members. But these are all areas that people use during training and workout. The ideal Bali gym will also have the following facilities.

Protein Bar Area

By this, we don’t mean a healthy snack that helps supplement your training and workout. A protein bar area is a facility that very few gyms in Bali have. Think of this facility as a normal bar. But instead of alcoholic beverages, you get access to protein shakes and similar drinks. A protein bar area is a facility that only the best gyms have. After you’re done with training, you can head to the bar for a nice protein shake to help build muscles. Since protein is essential to your workout regime, it’s only natural that the gym offers it.

If you want to enjoy a nice protein shake after a workout, feel free to come in and enjoy the protein bar at our gym. Bull GYM Bali

Shower Area

No one likes going home sweaty after an intense fitness session. So it’s only natural that the best gym has a shower area. But apart from being sweaty, how important is this facility to your post-workout routine? Our body temperature tends to go up when we train. It’s even more evident after an intense fitness session. So one way to cool our temperature is by taking a shower. Showering after a workout also helps your heart rate. Since sweat builds up during training, it clogs your pores and makes it more likely to develop acne and similar fungus. By immediately taking a shower at the gym, you’ll be cleansing the sweat from your skin. If you shower with warm water before an intense fitness session, you’re helping your muscles stretch. This prevents injuries.

So a shower area is an important gym facility that the best gyms in Bali should have.

Finishing Thoughts

That concludes our guide on how to choose a gym in Bali that caters to your fitness and workout needs. We hope this guide helps you settle the dilemma once and for all. Bali is a wonderful tourist destination that emphasizes healthy living. So it’s only natural that you do the same. What better way to do that than to sign up for a gym?

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