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Gym Membership : What Are You Getting With A BullGym Bali ?

New members that sign up with Bull Gym Bali get access to the gym, equipment, and facilities. Read more below about what that means.

Cardio Zone Bull Gym

Cardio Zone

We at Bull Gym Bali have a dedicated cardio zone where members can train cardio. We stock this area with treadmills, elliptical bikes, and other machines that help improve your cardio. The cardio zone is the second section of the gym. It is spacious enough so any member can exercise without being a nuisance to others. We have enough machines for all of our members – all brand new.

Free Weights Zone

The free weights zone is the first area our members enter. We stock this area with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other free weights so members can work on various muscle groups. All of our free weights equipment is brand new, and there is enough variety to train on a particular part of your body.

Functional Zone

With a Bull Gym membership, members get access to our functional zone. The purpose of this area is to help members work on functional movements. Functional movements, or functional training, involve exercises that require the use of movements you make during the day. Our functional zone is larger than the cardio and free weights zone, as these exercises require more room to perform.

In this zone, members can focus on a workout that impacts different muscle groups simultaneously. Functional training gives members balance, coordination, and injury protection. With functional training, you can be more time-efficient since it involves working on more than one muscle group.

In our functional zone, members can perform exercises such as push-ups, walking lunges, jump squats, elevator steps, chin-ups, jumping jacks, lateral squats, and other functional movements.

Stretching Zone

Members who like to stretch before and after exercising can visit the stretching zone. Stretching is an important part of exercising as it helps prepare your body for the task ahead. Stretching is crucial for preventing injuries that could put you out for several weeks and months. So before you start exercising, make sure to do a full-body stretch at our stretch zone.

Trainers and Other Facilities

With a Bull Gym membership, you get access to a wide range of facilities. All facilities are state-of-the-art. The list includes a cloakroom, shower, and protein bar.

Members can store their belongings in our cloakroom. Each person gets a locker with a key that they can use to place their things. The shower area is where members can come in after a hard day of exercising and wash the sweat away. The protein bar is a big hit with our members. Here, members can sit down and chat with a gym buddy, enjoying a nice protein shake or cake.

We also have personal trainers that will help you achieve your workout goals. Stephanie and Yannick are our personal trainers. They are seasoned professionals with years of experience preparing athletes for various competitions. They’re also ex-pros themselves, having competed in numerous powerlifting championships. Stephanie and Yannick have the trophies to prove they’re the best personal trainers in Bali.

With 15+ years of experience running a gym, they will ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

HIIT Classes Special Membership

With a HIIT class gym membership, you join a group of up to five other members. Our high-intensity interval training classes are perfect for members who want to work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Classes are held by experienced trainers – each day from 8:30 AM to 8 PM.

We at Bull Gym offer special membership that gives you access to our HIIT classes. One-month HIIT class membership costs 1,600,000 IDR, but members can also sign up for a six-month membership, one-week pass, and try out the day pass.