Cheap Gym in Bali

Why Bull Gym Is A Cheap Gym To Sign Up With

When signing up with a gym, what things are most important to you? Is it the cheap price, access to facilities, new equipment, friendly staff, or something else entirely? If you’re looking for a cheap gym in Bali that will provide you with a good workout, look no further than Bull Gym.

We at Bull Gym offer members the best membership rates on the island. Our rates are not only affordable, but they provide the best “value for money” in Canggu. Here is why Bull Gym is a cheap gym that you should consider joining.

Why Bull Gym Offers the Best “Value For Money?

We don’t make empty claims. Our gym offers the best value for money in Canggu. Don’t believe us? Here is a quick rundown of what each new member gets when signing up with Bull Gym.

Access To Brand New Equipment

We at Bull Gym offer members the opportunity to work out with brand new equipment. This includes free weights and exercise machines. All of our equipment is new and gives members the most value for their money. In addition to brand new equipment, we also have an abundance of equipment so that each member can work out without waiting their turn.

We believe every member should exercise the right way. Providing options and quality equipment is the right way to exercise and train your body. With new equipment, you lessen the risk of getting injured. All cardio equipment (treadmills, elliptical bikes, rowing machines) is brand new, giving members access to quality machines to work on their bodies and fitness.

Huge Workout Area

What’s more important than new weights and equipment? – A huge workout area where every member can train in peace. Plenty of gyms across Bali and Canggu are small. What this means is it can get quite crowded on a busy day. That’s not the case with our gym.
Our gym covers an area of 500 square meters, which is more than enough space to accommodate our members to train properly. The workout area is divided into three sections.
The first section is the training area. We stock this area with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other free weights that members need to train their bodies. Members can find the weights on the conveniently-placed racks, and there is more than enough equipment for everyone to use.

The second section of our gym is the cardio area. We stock this area with treadmills, elliptical bikes, and other machines that our members can use when training cardio and fitness. There is enough variety of cardio machines that members can pick and choose which one to use.
The third and last section of our gym is the CrossFit area. In this area, we hold CrossFit classes. CrossFit classes are held in groups of six with a CrossFit coach. We stock the area with the equipment necessary to work on strength, resistance, and functional training – specially designed for CrossFit. We welcome new members and beginners to sign up for our CrossFit classes. You can check the rates on our website.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is some of the friendliest people you’ll encounter in a gym. We make sure that our staff helps members with any questions they might need. The staff is also there to welcome and assist you with any requests. Signing up with Bull Gym is like signing up with a new family. We are all a community focused on empowering to get everyone where they want to be – in a healthier, happier place.

Access To Facilities

Another reason why Bull Gym is the best value for money is the facilities. We offer members access to a wide range of facilities aimed at improving their experience with us. Bull Gym members get access to a cloakroom area where they can place their belongings in safely secured lockers. There is also a shower area that members are free to use before and after training.
But a personal highlight of our gym is the protein bar area. Here, you can sit down for a protein shake or chat with your workout buddies after finishing training. The bar is stocked with protein shakes and protein cakes. The protein bar is a welcoming addition that improves your fitness gains.
We offer these facilities free of charge, further cementing the fact that Bull Gym is a cheap gym in Bali.

Work With Professional, Experienced Trainers

We at Bull Gym put a lot of importance on helping our members achieve their workout goals. As such, we offer members the chance to work with experienced trainers that make sure they reach those goals.
Yannick and Stephanie are our gym trainers. They are seasoned veterans in the bodybuilding industry; with years of experience in training members for weightlifting competitions. Yannick and Stephanie also have a history of competing in various weightlifting championships. They live and breathe fitness and have the titles to show for it.
Yannick and Stephanie are also the gym’s owners. They have more than 15 years of experience in running a professional gym. Their passion for the industry is a big reason why our satisfaction rate is at an all-time high.

Check Out Our Rates

We at Bull Gym offer members flexible membership rates. You can sign up for a day pass, one-week pass, one-month membership, and six-months memberships. Membership rates start from 660,000 IDR. Regular gym membership gives you access to the entire gym, excluding classes.
We also offer flexible membership rates for our CrossFit classes. New members can sign up for a six-month membership, one-month membership, or try the one-week and one-day pass to give CrossFit a try. With a CrossFit membership, members get access only to the classes.
But fear not, as we offer members a combo rate that combines our cheap gym membership and CrossFit class membership into one. For the low price of 2,000,000 IDR, combo members get access to CrossFit classes and the gym itself.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our cheap gym and begin the fitness lifestyle journey now!