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Looking To Get Into CrossFit In Bali? Here Is All You Need To Know

So you’re thinking of joining a gym in Bali for CrossFit training. Luckily for you, CrossFit in Bali is very popular, and dozens of gyms offer the environment, space, and tools to build strength and conditioning training. The popularity of CrossFit has gone to another level in recent years. At one point, there were only a few gyms in Bali that held CrossFit classes. Nowadays, entire communities of gyms exist. 

But what exactly is CrossFit, and how to choose the right gym for you? We’ll get into that in this guide, so stick around.

What Is CrossFit Or H.I.I.T?

CrossFit is a fitness regime that involves high-intensity interval training. It involves weightlifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning, and everything we call fitness. It is mentally challenging but rewarding. The essence of this philosophy is that any person can do it, regardless of age or size. This is because CrossFit is scalable, meaning you can perform a wide range of workouts based on your skill level. CrossFit in Bali is done in a group setting. Gyms in Bali offer CrossFit classes where members work with a personal coach. Each day you train something different, with the goal being to improve your cardiovascular fitness and physical shape. One of the main selling points of CrossFit is that its very hardcore. But don’t let that discourage you from giving it a try. CrossFit is accepting, inclusive, and offers a broad and general training program that any member can do.

But where did CrossFit come from? This training philosophy was mainly used by the military and police for training members. Special units are trained in the philosophy to adapt to any combat setting. The whole point of CrossFit is to prepare you and make you proficient in ten general skills. Those skills are cardiovascular endurance, power, agility, balance, accuracy, coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, and accuracy. 

By being proficient in these ten skills, your stay in peak physical, cardiovascular, and mental shape. In short, CrossFit involves challenging workouts to help achieve peak fitness performance. That’s precisely why it’s so popular around Bali. Now, let’s get into more depth about the functional aspect of this type of training regime.

Does CrossFit Build Muscles And How Much?

Doing any workout by using barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells will help build muscles. CrossFit gyms offer members a wide range of training equipment to help achieve this goal. But for those of you unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty of the philosophy, it’s important to discuss how much progress you can expect by joining a gym for CrossFit in Bali. When it comes to building muscles, it’s all about diet. CrossFit athletes tend to combine the training regime with a keto diet. Combining CrossFit with a keto diet shows significant results when building muscles. But not only that, it helps you decrease body fat and fat mass. So if you want to see more results when performing a high-intensity and high repetition-style workout, make sure to modify your diet.

Crossfit Canggu

It’s easy to compare a traditional workout regime and CrossFit. The main advocates against CrossFit are naysayers that believe conditioning training hurts your gains. This simply isn’t true. Conditioning training helps increase gains rather than hinder. So you can expect to build more muscles by introducing different exercises during each training session. For example, doing cardio exercises while working on strengthening your legs has been found to increase muscle size and growth. Another reason why some don’t like CrossFit is that it’s usually done in a group setting where people with various exercise experiences perform the same training regime. For example, a group might include an experienced bodybuilder and a complete beginner. The bodybuilder will likely lift more weight, while the beginner might not. In that case, both perform the same exercise using different weights. But CrossFit is meant to be physically challenging and mentally demanding.

How Does A CrossFit Class Look Like In Bali?

Quite a lot of people get nervous before their first CrossFit class. Fortunately, we’re here to walk you through so you’ll have some idea of what a CrossFit class looks like in Bali. We’re presuming that you’ve already signed up with a class and the gym itself. So when it’s time to get together with your group, you won’t have to waste time doing that. The very first thing you’ll do is stretch and do some mobility exercises. You do this to warm up and prevent injuries. This is a standard whenever you enter any gym for CrossFit in Bali. Gyms don’t want you to injure yourself. Joining a class educates you on the fundamentals of fitness. And one of the fundamentals is to stretch before exercising.

Since CrossFit classes in Bali are run by a coach, they’ll tell you what you’ll be working on each day. CrossFit is all about variety, so expect something new each day. Most CrossFit classes in Bali gyms like to do two types of exercises each day. For example, a normal day might involve strength training before metabolic conditioning (cardio) workout. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as the coach decides what exercises the group will work on each day.

Another point to mention is that CrossFit does seem intimidating to beginners with no prior exercise experience. However, remember that there is a coach with you who will walk you through each exercise and explain how to do it. The wonderful thing about CrossFit in Bali is that it’s scalable. If you can’t do the exercises regular members can, you can scale it down to a level you can. Remember that the coach is always with you, and classmates are there to offer assistance. 

Factors For Choosing the Right CrossFit Gym In Bali

We mentioned at the start that there are tons of CrossFit gyms across Bali. However, that doesn’t mean every gym will be the right for you. There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a CrossFit gym in Bali. Most importantly, you have to find a gym that matches your ambitions and goals. Setting goals is important as it gives you something to work towards. The right gym with the right coach can have a massive effect on how fast you achieve these goals. As such, here are a few tips that come in handy when choosing the right CrossFit gym in Bali.

Check the Coach’s Credentials & Quality

The coaches are the most important factor to consider when choosing a gym for CrossFit in Bali. So for this first tip, make sure to talk to the coaches of each gym to get a sense of what they’re like. Communication is key when working out in a group setting. Since each gym has a different CrossFit program, you can talk to the coaches to explain what it is. If you’re a complete beginner, they should explain what CrossFit is and what to expect from each day. Do you feel the program igms too difficult for you? If so, what can the coaches do to help you scale down? But this is just one factor from a few when it comes to coaching. Another thing to consider is how good a coach is when training new members. Are they excited for you to be there? Do they seem enthusiastic about the prospect of adding in a new member to the program? These are all questions you need answers to. Luckily, CrossFit is a way of life for many people. The coaches need to share the excitement members have when welcoming another buddy to the group. Lastly, check the coach’s credentials. Do they have any prior experience, and if so, what is it? Some of the best coaches have been lifting weights all of their life. Some have even competed at the biggest level of weightlifting. For example, the coaches over at Bull Gym, Stephanie and Yannick, hold several powerlifting championships under their belt. They hold CrossFit classes at Bull Gym and have the experience to back up their level of professionalism.

Check The Price

Cost is another factor worth considering. Ideally, you want to join a gym that can match your budget. Since there are tons of gyms for CrossFit in Bali, don’t let this one be the deciding factor. After all, you are likely to pay more if the level of coaching is more professional. But still, you can find cheaper gyms that offer the same quality as more expensive ones. Cost is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. However, if you find a couple of gyms that are there or thereabouts when it comes to a quality CrossFit program, then let money be the deciding factor.

Can They Match Your Goals?

you the sort of person that shows a picture of the ideal body to the coaches, or are you more laid back and only in it for the physical and mental benefits? The beauty of CrossFit is that it will give you the body of your dreams while also making you mentally stronger. But only you decide what the goal will be. Ultimately, there is a way to go about it. Some CrossFit gyms focus more on metcon (metabolic conditioning) and bodyweight training and less on weightlifting. This is why talking to the coaches is important. They make the program and create the schedule. Fortunately, most CrossFit gyms in Bali have a well-mixed daily schedule. They work on all the important aspects of CrossFit. So our tip is to evaluate your fitness goals and see which gym in Bali can match them.

Do They Have A Well-Structured And Varied Program?

In the previous points, we hinted at the importance of the program. This is by far one of the most important factors to consider. When you hear the term program or programming, it means training in CrossFit. So when you hear ‘CrossFit program,’ remember that it means CrossFit training. Different gyms will have different programs. But the program must be diverse and well-structured. When first starting, it’s difficult to understand what that means. Since CrossFit programs change daily, you might lack the technical experience to evaluate the program. This factor ties together nicely with many of the previous points. The coaches make the program, and the gym needs to make sure the program matches your goals. So in a sense, it all comes down to that very first conversation you should have with the coaches.

Is the Gym Clean, Tidy, and Spacious?

The last factor has to do with the gym itself. CrossFit in Bali is done in classes or groups of up to ten people. So you have to make sure there’s enough room for everyone to train. Some gyms, like Bull Gym, hold classes of no more than six members. Others go a bit further, while some go much less. If the classes involve six members plus a coach, then the gym must accommodate the needs of each member. This means there should be enough room for free movement, enough equipment, and a wide variety of equipment. Another point to mention is cleanliness and tidiness. No one wants to train in a messy and untidy gym. Members should put back the weights in place, and staff should keep hygiene at a very high level. This is especially important in this day and age.


That concludes our guide on CrossFit in Bali. From what CrossFit is to how to pick the right gym to match your needs and goals, CrossFit is a training philosophy that makes you physically and mentally healthier. We hope that this guide has helped you understand this new and unique training philosophy and encouraged you to give it a try. 

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