Wanderlust Bali

Wanderlust Bali : Fitness & Crossfit Classes

If you’re looking for a CrossFit gym in Bali to satisfy all of your physical needs, Wanderlust Fitness Village is the place to sign up with. The gym specializes in CrossFit, but it is an all-purpose gym with all kinds of equipment and machines. 

The gym is huge, covering over 2000 square meters of space. That space is big enough to accommodate the needs of its members, with the gym having enough equipment for everyone. But since this is a CrossFit gym and one of the largest and most equipped facilities in Bali, we thought we give you a rundown of what members are getting by signing up with Wanderlust Fitness Village.

So without wasting too much of your time, let’s jump in.

Wanderlust CrossFit Classes

Wanderlust has two classrooms and an open gym area for general-purpose training. The two classrooms are specially designed for CrossFit and other classes, with plenty of equipment and machines. There are plenty of free weights, medicine balls, power racks, yoga mats, plyo boxes, jump ropes, and other equipment to satisfy your taste for CrossFit, metcon, mobility training, and more.

Their classes are open to everyone, beginner or pro. The gym will put you in a group, and the trainer will modify your training regime to get you up to speed in no time.

The classes start as early as 7 am and as late as 7 pm. They have a schedule on their website for everyone to see. Now, let’s look at each class specifically.

CrossFit Class

Wanderlust Bali offers CrossFit Classes to help members reach peak physical physique. The gym modifies the classes to include unique exercises, and that is shown through their training program. The trainers welcome beginners and pros to come in and try CrossFit. Trainers will pair beginners with more experienced members. But don’t let that scare you from the fact that they will get you up to speed in no time.

The entire point of CrossFit is to be an inclusive lifestyle change. So the gym doesn’t discriminate and welcomes all members. The trainers will also develop a diet plan and teach you functional movements to help you reach peak physical physique. 

Metcon Classes

Metcon Classes are excellent for members who don’t like heavy lifting but love calorie burning. Metcon, or metabolic conditioning, is a type of workout that combines strength and cardio workouts with aerobic workouts. 

The point of Metcon is to train intensively for an hour, improving your endurance. Wanderlust gears its Metcon classes more towards aerobic training and HIIT. Simply put, you will sweat a lot but don’t expect Olympic weight lifting. 

Mobility and Stretching Classes

Mobility and Stretching Classes are the ultimate solutions for a more flexible body. Mobility training involves using your body to perform exercises that positively impact your physical shape. These classes aim to prepare your body to perform effective moves that support joins, reduce pain, prevent injuries, and allow your body to heal and recover.

Total Body Toner Classes

Wanderlust’s Total Body Toner class is designed to strengthen your body by performing different strength movements. Members use free weights and resistant bands for the duration of the 60-minute class to tighten and tone their bodies. In addition, the class offers an excellent fitness workout.

H3 Bali Burn Class

Bali Burn Class is a calorie-burning class that follows the HIIT training principle. HIIT involves body weight movement, cardio machines, and light weights to pump your heart rate and burn more calories. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to slimmer the right way.

Bali Booty Class

Bali Booty Class is specially geared to get your booty in perfect shape. Members achieve this goal by combining booty bands and free weights for 60 minutes of training. The workout will greatly impact your glutes, booty, and other muscles that will build your peach. This class isn’t as intensive as other Wanderlust classes and is more relaxing.

Wanderlust Weightlifting Class

The Wanderlust Weightlifting Class is specially focused on lifting weights. The class welcomes members of all levels, and it will teach you how to lift weights the right way. In addition, the class focuses on the technical execution of lifting and will prepare you for Olympic lifting. With that said, the Weightlifting Class offers an excellent workout.

Gymnastics Class

The Gymnastics class is the first class for children. This class involves acrobatic movements, gymnastic moves, yoga, and meditation to give children the confidence and knowledge to start working out. Through these classes, children that sign up will notice an improvement in their focus and flexibility when executing gymnastics movements.

Bali Aerial Movement Class

If you ever wanted to become an aerial movement pro, the Bali Aerial Movement class is the one for you. This class is different from anything the gym offers. Bali Aerial Movements Class involves using ropes, trapezes, and Lyra hoops to improve your acrobatics. More so, the class will affect your confidence to get up there and perform aerial acrobatics.

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Wanderlust Bali Prices

That concludes all the classes Wanderlust Bali offers to members. But, before we finish, let’s touch on the prices for the classes and the open gym.

Wanderlust doesn’t charge differently for their classes. Instead, they offer different types of membership plans and day passes. 

  • 1 Day Pass – Costs 250k and allows members to try out the gym or the classes. 
  • 3 Days Pass (Consecutive Days) – Costs 550k and allows members three consecutive days of gym time or classes. 
  • 1 Week – Costs 695k and allows members access to the gym or classes for a week.
  • 2 Week – Costs 1,1 mil and allows members access to the gym or classes for two weeks.
  • 1 Month – Costs 1,95 mil and allows members access to the gym or classes for a month.
  • 1 Month Open Gym Pass – Costs 1,3 mil and allows members access only to the gym.
  • 10 Pack (1 Day Pass) – Costs 1,5 mil and allows members to come in and train at the gym or try out classes ten times. The gym doesn’t restrict you when you can use each day’s pass.
  • 30 Day Pass – Costs 3,9 mil and allows members greater flexibility when determining when to come in and train at the gym or classes. Same as purchasing 30 day passes.
  • 3 Month – Costs 4,9 mil and allows members access to the gym or classes for three months.
  • 6 Month – Costs 8,4 mil and allows members access to the gym or classes for six months. 

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