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Discover the Best CrossFit Gyms in Ubud

CrossFit Ubud, the very in-style high intensity workout regime is all over the billboards. An exercise routine that covers everything to keep you worked up and never get boring is a dream. But when it comes to gymming, we cannot risk subscribing to an unrewarding experience. 

In this guide, we will talk about the best CrossFit Ubud gyms which will help you build and train for the form and techniques you dream for.  

Why is Ubud a Fitness Haven?

Ubud is infamous for its lush forests and wellness focused atmosphere. Its beautiful landscapes offer every single day as an opportunity for a perfect hike or yoga, and its well equipped plethora of yoga studios and gyms only add to the craze. 

Crossfit Ubud is the dream for those who long a serene, focused workout environment fused with the calmness of the flora. Being more specific, the quality and quantity of yoga centers, wellbeing spas, and fitness gyms are spread all around the town, making it the perfect place to find your favourite workout station.

The Growth of CrossFit in Ubud

Even the news has it now: Balinese coaches and gyms are soaring up due to the breakneck success of CrossFit Ubud and the rest of Indonesia. With the craze to have a beach ready body all day, everyday, tourists could not stop themselves from enrolling to the ever challenging intensive CrossFit programs. Ever since its inauguration in 2013, the CrossFit programs have steadily gained popularity and are now an integral part of the Fitness Industry in Bali. 

That being said, the number of CrossFit Ubud gyms have increased like a wildfire spreads. There are tens of options to choose from, and you’re not making that choice alone. 

Top-Rated CrossFit Gyms in Ubud

Ubud is as rich in gyms as the ocean is with fish. CrossFit Ubud is a relatively popular technique on the island and many tourists even claim that it’s better than the US alternatives! Before diving into what you should look for in a crossfit gym, let us go through the top rated Crossfit Ubud gyms and see if they are worth the hype. 

What Makes a CrossFit Gym Stand Out?

When you are on your way to the CrossFit program that you love, you want to look out for the best features. A good crossfit gym will boast of a spirit of sports and competition. The essence of crossfit revolves around constant encouragement and motivation to do better and better. 

The CrossFit program should have a knowledgable trainer who helps you make the program interesting, while staying true to what your body needs. The program should be well structured and varied, otherwise there’s no point. Most importantly, the gym should be neat and should match your vibe. You won’t enjoy your workouts if the gym doesn’t feel welcoming to you. 

Crossfit Ubud

1. CrossFit Ubud: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

CrossFit Ubud is an excellent rated crossfit central gym in Ubud, Bali. The gym also features a pool, online class, and plenty of scaling options. 

  • Exceptional Rating: Members love CrossFit for its facilities and coaches. However, its extremely strict punctuality seemed a little less hospitable to some visitors. 
  • CrossFit Ubud offers multiple training routines including strength, cardio, swimming, and constant pushing of PRs.
  • The gym offers online and offline classes, but each comes with a limit and FCFS basis!
  • Reach the gym on their Instagram or website, or report directly as early as 6:30 A.M. 

2. Jungle Box Ubud: Dive into a Fitness Adventure

The Jungle Box, Ubud is famed for being Bali’s first gym inside of a literal forest. The interior features a super large gym hall with all kinds of equipment. Sjoanm reviews on Trip Advisor, “The gym is basic like most neighbourhood Balinese gyms, and lacks in specialised cardio equipment.”

  • Beautiful place with cafeteria for your daily protein intake.
  • Unique: Ice Bath!
  • The staff is reviewed very friendly, but over time, several accidents with equipment have been reported. Some tourists say that the CrossFit gym did not make them feel very safe and they sustained minor injuries too. 
  • Reach out to their instagram or directly walk into the box at Kabupaten Gianyar any day at 7 AM for a refreshing workout. 
Jungle Box Ubud

3. Ubud Fitness: Holistic Approach to Well-being

Boasting itself to be the only fitness center in Ubud surrounded by calm rice fields, the Crossfit Ubud Fitness Center is your perfect blend. Fully equipped with all necessary gym tools and the friendliest staff (not to forget the beautiful vibe), UFC takes its tourists hearts away. 

  • The day passes cost around 90k, and according to travelling gymmer Kiran B, “The day passes are expensive but it’s better than nothing.”
  • The equipment is old but in excellent condition. You also get a small towel along with your locker.
  • Customers’ cons: Sometimes, you have to wait in line for your turn at equipments and benches since it is a small but busy gym. You can easily find cheaper gyms at the same quality in the beaches. However, the AC is fantastic, just what you need in a place like Ubud.  

Criteria to Consider When Choosing a CrossFit Gym

When you are choosing your favourite CrossFit Gym in Ubud for a nice and lovely workout session, it’s important to do so with great care. Your gym should feel welcoming to you and should motivate you to do better. Other factors like safety, equipment, and staff also make a big difference in your overall gymming experience. Here’s what you should look out for in your Box:

Expert Coaches and Community Feel

CrossFit is a relatively new gym technique and not many gym enthusiasts know too well about it. It is essential to choose a gym with expert coaches who can help you get started on this technique. You will also avoid many injuries if you have an expert at hand, especially if you’re on to something new. Once you get affluent to the system, you can always opt out! 

The community also makes a gigantic difference. Just imagine going to a gym where all visitors look detached and non friendly to you. You will instantly want to leave the gym. It’s always nice to have fun people around, and the same goes for your workout arena. 

 Range of Services and Facilities

If you are looking for a nice CrossFit gymnasium, you should definitely look out for facilities and servies and see if they align with your preferences. Some CrossFit Ubud gyms do not have that high level equipment for cardio and strength, while some also feature yoga and swimming. The price varies accordingly, so you must see and choose for what fits you best. 

 Member Reviews and Testimonials

The most important thing to check before subscribing to any CrossFit gym is its member reviews. Websites and instagram accounts can be misleading and secretive, leading you to believe that every gym is the best gym. Tools like Trip Advisor and Google Reviews will help you gain insight into what the actual public thinks of the gym, and you can accordingly avoid a problematic box!

  Conclusion: Embark on Your CrossFit Journey in Ubud

CrossFit is an amazing technique. According to Tom Harren, professional international gym trainer, even little kids should be introduced to CrossFit Ubud to instil a healthier lifestyle and motivation to get better forms. Thanks to the fitness industry’s hike in Bali, Ubud is rich in CrossFit gyms that promise to cater to all your desires. It all starts with a single subscription, and then, nothing stands between you and your dream workout space to get started with this amazing system. 

So, what colour is your CrossFit band?