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Complete Comparison Of the Best Gyms In Canggu, Bali

If so, then you need to be sure about what you’re getting into. Here is our complete comparison guide of the best gyms in Canggu, Bali.

If you’re thinking about making Bali your home for the next few months, staying in shape should be a priority. What better way to do that than to sign up with a Canggu gym? Canggu is known for its surf-friendly beaches and exotic nightlife. So to fit it, it makes total sense to work on your body. Luckily for you, Canggu has tons of gyms.

In our guide, we will compare the best gyms in Canggu. Our comparison will include a pros and cons section for each gym and a detailed overview of key factors. After reading our guide, you’ll know where to sign up and why to do that. So with all that said, let’s start.

GymAvenue FitnessBull GymBody Factory
New Equipment ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Variety of Equipment⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Monthly Membership Cost1,350,000 RP1,000,000 RP3,954,400 RP
Gym Cleanliness⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Location  CangguCangguCanggu
Workout Area⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
*Prices are updated as of January 2022

1. Bull Gym Bali, Canggu

Many consider Bull Gym one of the best gyms on the entire island, not just Canggu. When comparing all three gyms, we found Bull Gym to be the best-stocked option. The gym offers clients a wide range of exercise equipment and machines – all state of the art. There is a huge workout area that is definitely bigger than Avenue Fitness and Body Factory. As such, our initial research shows that Bull Gym can accommodate more clients.

Another thing that makes Bull Gym better than its competitors is that it’s cheaper than Avenue Fitness and Body Factory. A one-month membership costs 1,000,000 RP ($70). But Bull Gym has different membership plans, such as a six-month plan, one-week plan, and day passes. Here is an overview of the good and bad things about Bull Gym.

Pros Of Signing Up With Bull Gym

By far, one of the best things about Bull Gym is the equipment. Simply said, the equipment is brand new. But not only that, there is enough variety to accommodate any type of training. Equipment variety ranges from dumbbells, and different kinds of weights, to exercise machines and even equipment for High-Intensity Fitness Training. But not only that, there is enough available equipment that you’ll have no trouble hoarding the treadmill or barbell. For CrossFit workouts, Bull Gym has plenty of space to accommodate your needs. The availability of trainers is another positive factor. The gym also provides you with a towel if you’re missing yours. The personal trainers at Bull Gym are experienced and can host group sessions and individual classes. From yoga to fitness classes, Bull Gym has it all. On its Google Review page, it’s clear that customers love the owners and staff. Customers describe all employees as welcoming and cheerful.

There is a dog inside that customers are very fond of. Hygiene is up to standards, and people are respectful of personal space. After all, this is a pretty big Canggu gym. A somewhat niche rule that customers love is that you aren’t allowed to use your phone while working out. While you can certainly listen to music, taking pictures is out of the question. The reason why customers love this rule is to deter creeps – an issue we found at Avenue Fitness.

The protein bar area is a welcoming addition. You can sit down for a protein shake before or after your workout. For more information on the amenities, prices, and signing up with a personal trainer, feel free to visit Bull Gym’s website at

 Cons Of Signing Up With Bull Gym

When you look at all the bad things surrounding Bull Gym, there aren’t many, if any at all. We mentioned that customers love the cool dog that roams around the gym. The only bad thing we could think of is if you don’t want a cute dog to watch you as you work out. But apart from that, there aren’t any issues customers complain about. One thing we have to mention is that the gym doesn’t offer a free water refill, and there is no parking space. So if you come by car, it’s best to scout for a parking spot first.

2. Avenue Fitness, Canggu

The next gym we’ll talk about is Avenue Fitness. This gym has multiple floors designed for specific workouts. The functional training and boxing equipment, for example, is on the 2nd floor. But Avenue Fitness is relatively tiny compared to the other options. While it certainly isn’t the smallest gym – that award goes to Body Factory – it can provide you with a good fitness workout. Also, there is enough room for personal trainers to hold group classes and individual fitness sessions.

The staff is friendly, and there are lots of amenities such as a sauna, a bath area, and several jacuzzis. The gym is relatively inexpensive but costs more than Bull Gym. So with all that said, let’s dive deeper into the good and the bad things with Avenue Fitness.

Pros Of Signing Up With Avenue Fitness

The gym’s atmosphere is an essential factor worth considering when members achieve their fitness goals. Avenue Fitness has friendly staff, and the fellow members are polite. This creates a positive working environment where everyone meets their fitness needs in peace. The gym is also quite tidy. Even if it’s relatively smaller than other Canggu gyms, you can still go about your business with little to no hassle.

The gym is also clean and maintained. The jacuzzi is a welcoming addition, and the recovery area isn’t too crowded. As a matter of fact, all recovery facilities (jacuzzi, ice bath, showers) are included in the price. All in all, Avenue Fitness is a good Bali gym.

 Cons Of Signing Up With Avenue Fitness

With that said, there are a few issues customers complain about. For example, customers are complaining that there isn’t enough fitness equipment. For members looking at getting the best possible workout, two stationary bikes and six treadmills aren’t enough. The problem is especially evident during peak hours. It isn’t uncommon for members to wait until another member finishes cardio training. In addition to that, treadmills and stationary bikes have stickers that read “max 30 minutes.” For members looking at getting their cardio done for the day, this is obviously going to make them feel uncomfortable.

There are also very few classes. While other Bali gyms hold a wide variety of classes, the options are somewhat limited with Avenue Fitness. When it comes to price, many are dissatisfied with how much the gym membership costs compared to what they offer in terms of space and equipment. To put it simply, Avenue Fitness is nowhere as big as Bull Gym. While it is more spacious than Body Factory, it welcomes more members – making it more crowded at times.

Members have also complained of previous members taking pictures of them during training. While the issue has been largely resolved, it is an issue we took notice of.

3. Body Factory, Canggu

Body Factory is the third and last Canggu gym in our comparison guide. This particular gym is different from both Avenue Fitness and Bull Gym. The reason why is that Body Factory has tons of amenities. They have a sauna, ice baths, room accommodations, a cafe, etc. And while this all sounds great, it does affect our final score when you compare how pricey it is.

Body Factory has a couple of types of membership options and plans. There are gym passes & memberships, recovery center passes & memberships, and VIP passes & memberships. In addition to all that, they have personal training packages. But make no mistake, these memberships cost three to five times more than at other Bali gyms.

So with all that said, let’s look at the good and things about Body Factory.

Pros Of Signing Up With Body Factory

The wide range of amenities is a highlight of Body Factory. You can go there for a nice massage, a spa day, or even visit their recovery center for an ice bath. Body Factory is pretty much the Canggu gym where A-list celebrities and famous people go. That doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing – more on that later on.

Another highlight of Body Factory is the friendly staff. They’re quick to assist you with any help, and customers are appreciative of it. From the list of amenities, the customers especially like the pool. But even so, it can get crowded during peak hours. The gym also has personal trainers that hold individual and group classes. Whether you’re into yoga, fitness, or CrossFit, the personal trainers at Body Factory are experienced and know what they’re doing. In short, they are great for getting your daily training.

The location of this Canggu gym is also an advantage. It is relatively close to the beach, so you can head there after your workout. There is sufficient parking and an area where you can park your scooter. Body Factory is an excellent Canggu gym if you have the money. It can be pricey, but some of the amenities are worth it. If you’re looking to get a good workout, then be mindful of the cons surrounding Body Factory.

Cons Of Signing Up With Body Factory

Despite what you see on their website, Body Factory is a relatively small gym. While it has tons of amenities, the fact remains that you can’t work out in the sauna area. Many customers are dissatisfied during crowded periods. When the gym is full, and it certainly is at peak hours, there is very little room to work on your training, and availability of equipment becomes an issue. Customers are complaining that there are few cardio machines. Even so, another issue is that some of the machines are constantly under maintenance. So customers aren’t getting the desired workout.

Remember the part where we talked about A-list celebrities and famous people, well many people take issue with this. Since membership fees cost a lot of money – nearly three times what you’ll pay at Bull Gym and Fitness Avenue – it only attracts Instagram celebrities who spend more time recording themselves than actually training. This is a recurring issue that normal gym-goers have. Being the Canggu gym where Instagram influencers go doesn’t seem to be a great look. Many customers have concerns that it creates a “negative gym atmosphere.”

We also highlighted that the gym is too expensive. A monthly membership can cost up to $200! VIP monthly memberships cost up to $280. So Body Factory isn’t the place for you if you don’t have that kind of money. Both Avenue Fitness and Bull Gym are much better alternatives for the money you’re paying.

Which Canggu Gym Is Best To Sign Up With?

Overall, all three gyms are great. But there is an overarching issue with Fitness Avenue and Body Factory. Namely, during peak hours, it’s difficult to get the desired level of training. Both gyms are smaller and can get quite crowded.

Bull Gym, on the other hand, is probably the best gym in Bali. It is the least expensive one and provides you with all the amenities and equipment you need for getting good training done.

The staff at all three Bali gyms are friendly and attend to your needs. While that’s certainly an important factor to consider, we simply cannot go over the fact that both Fitness Avenue and Body Factory aren’t sufficiently stocked on weights and fitness equipment. Some members have expressed these concerns in their Google reviews.

So if we had to pick a winner for the best Bali gym in the Canggu or Perenenan area, our winner has to be Bull Gym.