What Are the Best Gyms in Pererenan?

Perenenan Gym

What Are the Best Gyms in Pererenan?

Signing up with a gym might seem an easy task. However, picking the right gym for your needs is easier said than done. There are many high-quality gyms in Pererenan. Although we’re all looking for quality gyms to cater to our fitness needs, how would you know you’re making the correct decision?

We’re here to give you our two cents on the best gyms in Pererenan. We’ve prepared what we think are the three gyms you should look into when scouting for fitness centers across Pererenan Bali.

So with all that said, let’s start.

Bull Gym Bali

Pererenan gym

Bull Gym Bali is one of the largest fitness centers on the island. They’re widely known in the fitness community as a high-quality gym where you can come in and get work done. 

Once you enter the gym, you’ll notice their motto “Train, Sweat, and Grow.” And Bull Gym tries to stay true to these words by providing members with all the necessary means to achieve their workout goals.

To put it simply, the gym has the best weights and machines to assist you on your road to developing the body of your dreams. Members praise the gym’s equipment. All Bull Gym Bali equipment is new, and the machines work flawlessly.

In addition, there’s enough variety of equipment for everyone, meaning you won’t have to wait your turn on the treadmill or weights. The gym is quite spacious and separated into three areas. Those are the free weight area, cardio area, and CrossFit area

Each area is fully stocked with equipment and machines to help you achieve your workout goals. 

Bull Gym also hosts F.H.I.T classes. F.H.I.T, or Functional High-Intensity Class, is a group class of six members. The goal of F.H.I.T is to work on various muscle groups and develop your body. The gym’s F.H.I.T trainers welcome beginners and veterans to try the class.

Bull Gym also offers members a shower area, locker area, and protein bar. You can come in with your workout buddies and go for a protein cake or smoothie. 

The highlight is how affordable the gym is. While we won’t get into specifics, Bull Gym is a very cheap gym in Bali.

Victory Fitness Club

Victory Fitness Club is yet another spacious gym in Pererenan, Bali, with ideal conditions to get the perfect workout done. The gym has two floors. You can find the registration table with several types of workout equipment on the first floor, while the second floor has more equipment and machines.

What you’re most interested in is the second floor. This is where you’ll do most of your free weight training, cardio, fitness, etc. The equipment is brand new, and there’s enough for everyone. You will never feel like you cannot get the ideal workout done in Victory Fitness.

Recently, the guys at Victory Fitness added a few cardio machines on the first floor. Victory Fitness is an old-school gym where everyone comes in and gets to work immediately. Members call Victory Fitness Club a “no fancy gym.” And that’s certainly appealing to the people training there. 

They’re not interested in fancy stuff – all they care about is getting their workout done. As mentioned previously, the gym has plenty of equipment and machines, from cardio machines to pin-loaded machines, free weights, dumbbells, etc. Victory Fitness is another well-stocked gym, just like Bull Gym, which is a big plus in our eyes.

When it comes to amenities, there aren’t any. Remember that this is an old school gym, and old school gyms didn’t have pools back in the day. What is good and what members love are the prices. Victory Fitness isn’t pricey at all.

Despite being old school, the members understand the need to keep a tight and clean ship. So they do their best to maintain the gym and keep it clean as much as possible – something we found members love.

One thing members don’t like is the air conditioning. Namely, there is no air conditioning, so the gym opens the windows to get some air in. 

Despite no AC, Victory Fitness Club is always full during peak hours. So if you want to come in and try the gym, find a time that works for you. 

Surya Gym Bali Fitness Center

Surya Gym Bali Fitness Center is one of the few gyms where you can come with a car and have enough parking space. This is a big problem for regular gym goers. For example, Bull Gym has no parking space, but there’s plenty of space if you come by bike or moped. 

On the other hand, Surya Gym has parking space and is quite spacious inside as well. What members doesn’t like about Surya Gym Bali Fitness Center is the equipment. Namely, the equipment is somewhat old, but more importantly, there’s not enough varity of equipment. A good point is that the gym is located just off the highway, leaving you facing the rice fields when using the treadmills. Members say that the view relaxes them. 

There’s also a bar where you can grab a coffee, a healthy drink, healthy foods, and snacks. Members say the bar is the highlight of the gym, as it is the perfect way to relax after an intense workout. 

Others questions

Does Pererenan Have Gyms?

The tropical Balinese neighborhood is home to many gyms of varying quality. Some are located in the very heart of Pererenan, others closer to neighboring Canggu. Choosing the right gym in Pererenan can make all the difference for first-time travelers and gym-goers. 

Are There Any Gyms Available in Pererenan, Bali?

Yes, there are many gyms available in Pererenan, Bali. If your goal is to find the right one for your needs, we recommend signing up with Bull Gym, Victory Fitness Club, or Surya Gym Bali Fitness Center. 

All three gyms are spacious and can accommodate the needs of gym-goers. These gyms are well equipped with brand-new equipment and free weights, facilities, and parking space, these gyms can provide you with the tools to develop the body of your dreams.

What is the Cost of a Gym Membership in Pererenan?

Membership in Pererenan gyms usually costs between 1,000,000 IDR and 1,500,000 IDR per month. These gyms also offer other membership rates, such as six-month plans, one-week plans, and day passes. 

The cost of membership in Pererenan gyms varies from one gym to another. Moreover, it depends on the gym’s amenities, extra services, and equipment. Gyms with higher-quality equipment and access to facilities and classes tend to charge more.   

Where Can I Find a Personal Trainer in Pererenan, Bali?

Bali is known for its perfect-looking beaches and warm weather. Naturally, locals and travelers want to look the best when enjoying the many wonders of the paradise island. This is precisely why Bali has developed a gym culture. Gyms in Pererenan, Bali, are highly popular, and many personal trainers work there.

If you want to sign up for a gym, we recommend choosing a gym with exceptionally professional personal trainers. The gym that provides this level of service is Bull Gym, with its trainers being world-renowned bodybuilders. 

Which Gym in Pererenan, Bali, Offers the Best Value for Money?

Bull Gym in Bali is a gym that offers the best value for your money. The gym is spacious, is filly equipped with brand-new equipment and exercise machines, world-class trainers, and amenities and facilities capable of fulfilling your training needs. 

Compared to other gyms in Pererenan and neighboring Canggu, Bull Gym’s membership plans are the most affordable. 


Those were our three picks for the best Pererenan gyms. We hope you liked our review and will give these gyms a try. All three gyms are affordable and excellent for getting the ideal workout done. 

We try to be as objective as possible, so we cannot recommend a particular gym. Considering the sheer number of gyms in Pererenan, these three gyms will guarantee the perfect workout.