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MUAY THAI CAMP : What You’re Getting At Bali MMA

Bali MMA gym was founded in 2014 with the hopes of encouraging people to give mixed martial arts a try. Given Bali’s tropical and paradise nature, their vision is to provide everyone with a gym that will meet all of their MMA needs

MMA is a sport that gathers a big reputation on the world stage. Therefore, the gym offers everyone the chance to take MMA classes to improve their physical condition and learn the art of self-defense. 

Bali MMA offers a camp where members can train for several classes. Their premier classes include MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and other fitness classes. Bali MMA prides themselves as the premier gym for combat sports and fitness. Apart from classes, you can also sign up for private lessons with one of their expert trainers.

What You’re Getting By Signing Up For MMA Camp

Bali MMA is Indonesia’s premier martial arts and fitness academy. MMA training is the most popular package. But what are members getting by signing up for the MMA camp?

A typical day consists of training various MMA fundamentals. These include striking, grappling, and submissions. Understanding the MMA fundamentals and becoming a professional will allow you to understand what Mixed Martial Arts is all about.

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They teach these fundamentals through the MMA camp. The camp consists of sparring lessons, drills, and one-on-one fighting. They welcome members of all experience levels. So even if you are a beginner, they will put you in a group with more experienced members to get you up to speed faster.

Beginners will perform all daily exercises, except exercises specially designed for experienced athletes. The MMA camp is the best place to learn about MMA and understand how you can get in peak physical condition in Bali. 

Muay Thai and Boxing Classes

MMA incorporates many martial arts. For example, Muay Thai and boxing are two of many arts included in MMA. To understand what MMA is, you need to understand each art separately. 

Here is what members are getting with Muay Thai and Boxing classes.

Muay Thai Pads

The Muay Thai Pads class is 90-minutes long. During the 90 minutes, members will go through warmup exercises, learn skills and techniques, and do 3+ rounds with a trainer. Each round is a one-on-one sparring session where the members will learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai. 

The class also incorporate conditioning training and bag work to help members learn the movements and skills necessary to excel in Muay Thai. 

Muay Thai Fundamentals

The Muay Thai Fundamentals class teaches members the fundamentals of the art. The classes will teach members punches, kicks, knees and elbow work, and defensive techniques.

Each fundamental category takes time to master. For example, there are nine punches in Muay Thai, several kicks, and dozens of defensive techniques and takedowns. 

Boxing Pads

Boxing is an especially important part of MMA. With the Boxing Pads class, members will learn various boxing pad drills, ranging from beginner to expert drills. The class also incorporates bag work and conditioning training.

Boxing Drills

The Boxing Drills classes round up the boxing aspect of MMA. In this class, members learn various elements of boxing, including footwork, head movement, punching mechanisms, counters, combinations, and defensive moves. The class lasts an hour and offers a fantastic workout.


The Sparring classes help members utilise all Muay Thai and Boxing knowledge in a one-on-one setting. Members will get in a ring and fight in a controlled and fun environment. Here, you will have to utilise all the skills you’ve learned during the Muay Thai and Boxing classes. You must wear 16oz gloves, shinguard, and mouthguard to participate in sparring exercises. 

Fight Team Training

The Fight Team Training class is exclusive to professionals and members with semi-professional or amateur fighting experiences. Beginners are not allowed for these classes but can watch and observe as other members get in the right and fight. 

MMA Classes and Training

The MMA classes and training incorporate all aspects of martial arts involved in the sport. We can separate the classes and training into two categories: stand-up fighting and clinch techniques. 

Stand-up fighting involves your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. You will learn boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo techniques and movements during the classes to help you excel.

Clinch techniques involve grapple takedowns. To help you master these techniques, you will learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a core art of MMA. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes help you master all aspects of the art. Here is what our classes consist of.

BJJ Fundamentals

BJJ fundamentals is a 60-minute class for beginners. However, we also welcome members of all skill categories. During the classes, you will learn the fundamental techniques and principles of BJJ. Each 60-minute class involves warming up, performing drills, and live rolling and sparring.

BJJ All Levels

BJJ All Levels is a class for all levels of BJJ. However, the class aims to teach members new techniques and strategies. In addition, BJJ All Levels is a class where members learn to compete.


No-Gi is a class for fast-paced takedowns and grappling techniques. Instead of donning a traditional uniform, members wear shorts and pads. During the class, members will learn how to warm up, perform solo drills, grappling techniques, partner drills, and live sparring rounds. 

Techniques and Drills

Techniques and Drills is a class that teaches more advanced technical and positioning drills to improve you at BJJ. They welcome members of all levels, but the class is aimed at more experienced competitors. 

Situation and Roll

Situation and Roll is a sparring class where members learn live roll techniques. The class aims to help you understand how to position your movement, take down your opponent, and defend successfully from a roll attack.

MMA Wrestling 

MMA Wrestling is a class that teaches members blending strikes, takedowns, and submissions. Mainly, the class will teach you how to turn a blending strike into a takedown and a takedown into a submission. 

MMA Sparring

The MMA Sparring class involves live sparring rounds with an opponent. Sparring classes are recommended for members ready to give MMA a try. You must wear sparring gloves and a mouthguard to be part of the MMA Sparring classes. 

Bali MMA and Bull GYM Partnership 

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For MMA and gym enthusiasts, this is a wonderful deal. That’s because Bali MMA isn’t a gym, and BullGym doesn’t have MMA classes. But we all know working out and training for a combat sport goes hand in hand. 

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