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Body Factory Bali or Bull Gym : Which Bali Gym To Sign Up With?

Research is important when choosing a gym in Bali. Since there are so many gyms on this tropical island, what better way to stay in shape than to sign up with the best one? But you might find it difficult to do that. After all, every gym promises the best facilities, training equipment, and personal trainers. However, many gyms make empty claims. 

We found two gyms that you should definitely consider. Bull Gym and Body Factory Bali are some of the highest-rated gyms on the island. Our comparison guide will help you decide which one to sign up with. Below is a table that lays out the general information on both gyms. It will give you a brief overview of both establishments, but you’ll need to dive deeper into our guide to know more about what each gym offers.

  GymBull GymBody Factory
New Equipment🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Variety Of Equipment🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Membership Cost Per Month1,000,000 RP3,953,400 RP
Large Areas🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
ClassesCrossFit ClassesFitness Classes
 *Prices are updated as of January 2022

We’re basing our comparison on several factors. Apart from general information, the guide will include a pros and cons section for both gyms. This will help you figure out which one is better for your fitness needs. As such, let’s not waste too much of your time and jump right into it.

Bull Gym Bali Canggu

Located in the tiny but wonderful village of Canggu, Bull Gym is a well-known establishment for gym-goers and professional powerlifters. What separates Bull Gym from the rest of Canggu gyms is its super affordable membership rates – we will get into that more in the pros section. Another point to mention is that Bull Gym is super spacious and has a ton of brand-new equipment. The gym holds CrossFit classes and the personal trainers are some of the best professionals on the entire island. The staff are friendly and will attend to your needs. Let’s dive a bit further into the pros and cons to give you a complete picture of Bull Gym.

Bull Gym Pros

Bull Gym is, by far, one of the cheapest gyms on the entire island. But that in itself isn’t as impressive as what you’re getting for the price. For a monthly membership cost of 1,000,000 RP, you’re getting access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility with brand new equipment. With that said, Bull Gym also offers a six-month and one-week membership plan in addition to a day pass. All the free weights and machines are brand new, and there is a ton of variety to choose from. The gym has dumbbells, kettlebells, rowing machines, and treadmills. To put it shortly, Bull Gym has it all. While doing research, we found that this was particularly positive for gym-goers. They love the extra-large space, which is divided into three sections – the training area, cardio area with machines, and CrossFit area.

For CrossFit enthusiasts, Bull Gym is the gym to sign up with. Their CrossFit classes are hosted by coaches that can get beginners up to speed in no time. Bull Gym Also has excellent personal trainers – Stephanie and Yannick. Both personal trainers are the gym’s owners, and they have a pedigree that few Canggu gyms can match on the island. Stephanie and Yannick have 15 years of experience running a gym and numerous powerlifting titles to back up that experience. They even prepare athletes competing for the French Powerlifting Championship.

Another highlight of the gym is the workout environment. When working out, no one will bother you. Everyone is respectful and looks to offer assistance if you need it. It is a gym where you could meet fitness buddies and hang out afterward. The protein bar area is also a welcoming addition. After finishing your workout, sit down for a protein shake or protein cake at the bar. To summarize, Bull Gym is one of the best gyms in Canggu. It has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

Bull Gym Cons

With that said, there are a few things that we took note of. One particular issue is that there is no parking for cars. But there is parking for motorbikes and bicycles. So if you’re driving to the gym, you’ll have to park elsewhere. Another thing is that members have to adhere to the strict hygiene rules of the gym. After working out with a fitness machine, you have to clean it. But is this really a bad thing? Although it can be a nuisance, since a staff member will come in and ask you to do it, it only shows how clean they keep the gym. Continuing the trend of “bad things that we’re not really sure are bad” is the friendly dog that roams around the gym. If you’re not a fan of dogs, this might be an issue for you. 

Body Factory Bali Canggu

Body Factory Bali is a gym in Bali that looks gorgeous and super stylish. More so, it is one of the few Canggu gyms that offer a wide range of amenities. One of the gym’s highlights is its recovery area. The recovery area is a spa center with several facilities. It includes a swimming pool, ice baths, sauna, jacuzzi, and poolside bar. While the gym markets the area as a recovery center, it is still too small to call it a center. Members can also sign up for a variety of fitness classes including, yoga, strength classes, pilates, rumble boxing, and more. With that said, Body Factory is one of the most expensive gyms in Canggu and on the entire island. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Body Factory Bali.

Body Factory Bali Pros

The wide variety of amenities is Body Factory’s biggest strength. What we didn’t mention is that the gym also offers accommodations. The nine double or twin bedrooms are stylish and come with all the amenities a paying customer would expect. This includes an en suite bathroom with showers, mini-fridge, flat-screen TV with android box, AC, WiFi, and 24hr security, among other things. The stylish accommodations are something that no other Canggu gym offers. With that said, the standard room rates don’t apply to the gym or fitness recovery center. For that, you need to pay extra. The poolside bar/cafe is also an excellent addition.

After a workout, go for a protein shake, juice, coffee, or a protein-rich meal.  Another advantage of Body Factory Bali is its close proximity to the beach. What members like to do is head for a swim at the beach after getting their daily dose of fitness training. With sufficient parking, you can arrive by car or scooter. All gym members get access to parking spaces. 

Body Factory Cons

Even if Body Factory Bali market itself as an all-in-one gym & recovery center with options for accommodations, there are quite a lot of things that go against it. For example, it’s simply too expensive. A gym membership doesn’t give you access to the recovery area. More so, a 7-day gym pass costs relatively the same as one-month membership with Bull Gym. Their membership rates are too expensive for many customers. A four-week membership costs a whopping 2,739,000 RP, while a 12-week membership costs 6,418,500 RP. If you also add a four-week recovery center membership, the total cost comes at nearly 4,000,000 RP. But let’s say you’re only interested in the gym. Is the money worth it? Well, some customers are complaining that there simply is not enough equipment for all members to work with. While some members have no issue with the cost, others do. The gym is also too small, and members have to wait for others to finish before using a particular fitness or cardio machine. Some members are complaining that the cardio machines are constantly under maintenance. During peak hours, it becomes a challenge to find sufficient room to exercise without bumping into someone. Since many A-list celebrities and influencers train at the gym, it creates a negative environment where someone constantly records or takes pictures. This is a big issue for many normal gym-goers. This information was taken from the gym’s Google Reviews page. So before signing up with Body Factory Bali, do take these comments into account.

Bull Gym Or Body Factory Bali?

With all the information right in front of you, which gym should you sign up with? If you’re looking to get the desired workout and fitness training, Bull Gym is definitely a better option. In addition to the excellent facilities, the equipment is all brand new and there is a ton of variety to chose from. Bull Gym is one of the best and least expensive gyms in Canggu. It is spacious, and the staff is super friendly. On the other hand, Body Factory is also a great option if you’re comfortable paying such high membership fees. But beware as it can be difficult to get the desired fitness training during peak hours. Overall, our choice would be Bull Gym.