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Bali Surfing Spots: Best Spots to Surf Waves in Bali

Waves, surf boards, and sunshine on your face? We have all dreamt of living the Barbie dream and surf our hearts out. Especially when it’s at the surfers’ paradise, AKA the favourite surfing ground for beginners and pros alike, Bali offers all that surfers could ask for and more! Warm, inviting weather, cheap food and stay, and lots of sunshine makes Bali a real haven for all surfers, new or old!

Known across the globe for its beautiful beaches, forests, and temples, the island is full of surf spots on the east and west coast alike! Pack your swim suits and grab your surf boards, the waves are lapping away! 

Best time for surfing in Bali

Like there is a time for every activity to thrive, so we have for surfing!  According to Lesly Rose, a professional surfer, the best months to go surfing in Bali fall in May and September. “The legendary swells and offshore winds form the best surfing experience in Bali”, says the young surfer. 

Moreover, experts suggest that although all parts of Bali thrive as wonderful surfing spots, the southern and western beaches hit it on a different level. Otherwise, surfers might have to swim far away to catch the swells. Don’t you worry though! This article is all about the best surfing spots to hit the best waves in Bali for your summer break. 

Best bali surfing spots

Best bali surfing spots

In this section, we have summarised all the best Bali surfing spots, categorised according to the skill level of the surfer. Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to swimming, diving, and surfing, so there’s plenty for everyone! Let’s dive right in (pun intended) and find the best wave spot to hit when you land in Bali this year! 

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If you’re planning a trip to Bali, surfing is perhaps the most important right of passage! There’s no better place to get started and the island is ideal for beginners to test out the waves. Yes, the art is not easy to master, but there is no activity more fun than riding the waves and somersaulting mid-ocean.  

Baby Padang

Also known as Padang Padang Rights, Baby Padang is located to the other side of the world famous Padang Padang. It is a soft mellow break which often witnesses Balinese kids learning how to surf. Overall, it is safe to call this Bali surfing spot fit for beginners. It breaks both left and right and is characterised by sandy reef. 

If you’re intrigued to see how your time will go at Baby padang, here’s the cue!

Baby Padang Surfing spot
Wave heightWaist to Head high 
TidesHigh Tide
Swell2-4 foot, S-SW swell

How to reach? 

Baby Padang is a short paddle from the beach at Padang. Make sure to go right from here! The other side of the channel features violent waves best left for experts to venture in. 

Be safe! Although no other danger knocks this Bali surfing spot, beware of other surfers. Baby Padang is a fairly crowded surfing space where the only danger is other surfers. 


According to Kai, professional surfer and local resident of Bali, Dreamland is quite literally, the “Dream-land” for all kinds of surfers. It recently got rebranded to New Kuta and now features much more than just a surf ground. Dreamland is located in the north of the beach, breaking into both directions. The waves peel off at 60m and fade into deeper channels. The spot is especially ideal for beginners advancing towards honing their skills after have mastered the basics. 

Dreamland surfing spot
Wave heightWaist high- 1.5x overhead 
TidesAll Tide
Swell2-4 foot, S-SW swell
CrowdLess crowded than Baby Padang.

How to reach?

Simply paddle out into the spot between sets. 

Be safe! Larger swells have shore dumps at times of high tide and surfers can get caught in them. 

Old Man’s

Perfect for beginners and intermediates alike, Old Man’s is perhaps Bali’s most famous surf spot. Surf survey expert Angelina Eka says, “The spot offers soft breaks and friendly waves that make it an ideal practicing spot for beginners to try out reef breaks. Also, I can bet that no other place beats Old Man’s for longboarders!” Moreover, the place is much more than just a plain surf spot. Climbing out ahead as the latest advancements in the area, the Old Man’s night club and cafeteria will make your visit worth all the more!

Wave heightWaist high- 1.5x overhead 
TidesAll Tide
Swell1-5 ft, S-SW swell

How to reach? Paddle out on either side of the channel to reach the spot. For returning, ride the waves for a bit and then paddle out towards the end. 

Hazards: Like Baby Padang, Old Man’s is also very crowded. This place, owing to its fame, attracts all kinds of surfers. So you have to beware of people with their chaotic surfing skills. 

Other than these famous Bali surfing  spots, we have the Kuta Beach, the Bingin Beach, and the Jimbaran Bay to explore when surfing in Bali as a beginner. Note that when you are looking for spots and don’t know too much of the basics, choose a place with friendly waves and preferentially less crowd. The perfect wave size for you will fall between 1-2 feet, where the current is low. 

Watch the longboarders’ favourite here!

Old Man’s surfilng spot


If you’re someone who now finds the small waves and short swells and low currents too easy and boring, maybe it’s time to amp up your level and explore more challenging shores! When we’re talking intermediate surf spots, Bali does not disappoint. Almost all surf spots in Bali hold appropriate for intermediate surfers, at some time throughout the day. But we look for the best, don’t we? Here are the top Bali surfing spots for intermediate surfers to beat the waves. 

Toro Toro 

A fairly undiscovered and underrated surf spot, the Toro Toro howls as its swells emerge from the howling 40s and roaring 50s of the Indian Ocean. Located on the left side of the airport far from Jimbaran beach, the place is easily accessible by hiring a short ride to the spot.

The wave breaks are soft and slow, ideal for intermediate surfers to polish their skills. “We arrived early in the morning, there was barely a soul to see! The glassy waves made my day. The A frame especially is my favourite. With its provision to make turns as I wish and ability to test all my skills, the Toro Toro was the best among all surf breaks I visited,” a visiting group of tourists’ review suggested. 

Wave height4-6 feet
TidesMid-High tide
CrowdLess crowded. 

There are no hazards associated with this surfing spot in particular, but you should always be aware of potential surfing risks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr1vuiyHwVo 


Located between Padang Padang and Bingin, Impossibles is absolutely impossible to ignore. With its 400 meter long left handers, the reef is an awesome spot for intermediate to advanced surfers. Sticking true to its name, impossibles can sometimes be defeating to surfers with its quick sections. But under your ideal conditions, this Bali’s surfing spot can be the dream for you. Impossibles is famous for offering one of the longest rides on the island. The given data is suited for ideal conditions. 

Wave height5 feet
TidesMid to Low 
SwellLarge SW
CrowdCrowded, but fairly distributed due to size.

According to the global zoo,  multiple steep paths lead to the beach. You can enter via PP, Bingin, or directly to the wave. You can either walk across the reef or paddle across the high tides. 

Impossibles surfing spot


As soon as you step into Bukit, you will meet the Balangan beach. Defined debatably between surfers as the glorified mediocre and the underrated gem, the Balangan surfing spot has faced its fair share of haters and lovers. Featuring a beautiful white sand beach with cliffs hanging off, the Balangan is a popular Bali surfing spot for intermediates. Balangan has three sections, with each offering something new to each of its venturers. 

Wave heightWaist to 2x overhead
TidesAll tides
Swell3-6 feet, SE/E
CrowdCrowded, but fairly distributed due to size.

How to reach? Walk or paddle around the reef to reach the spot. 

Danger! Beware of the end section shut downs. Beware of the sneaking sets coming around corners when going to the spot. Ride the waves virtually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ukoHijlsfk 


For expert surfers that await the violent waves and high tides with fast current or any one of these, Bali has so much for you! Ranging from the roaring waves to nasty end sections, the waves in these spots are unapologetic and will punish any surfer that ventures out too far. You will often discover the Brazillian travelling surfers join you and your surf benchmark, so hover your surfboards and dive in! 

Padang Padang 

With lefts so good that keeps surfers coming back again and again, Padang Padang is world-famous for its pro max difficult to ride waves. Benjo Os says, “The waves are truly savage! If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll end up straight in a hospital. To say the very least, prepare to have your boards broken. But once you get the hang of it, nothing will keep you from coming back!”

Padang padang is known for its steep and fast waves. Known as the pipeline of Bali, surfers can expect to sit in 50m on good days. The waves can be the dream of your life or your nightmare, depending on other conditions including the current, swell, crowd and more. 

Wave height6-8 ft
TidesMid to high tides 
SwellHigh, SW

Hazards: You should expect every hazard there is to expect. The barrels, the people, the steep curves, the shallow reefs, the lip, the waters taking you on the end break, and the superfast current. 

Here’s how it looks at the best time of the year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVN_TfRfZ_A 


Welcoming everyone with open arms and crystal clean waters, visit the Keramas in May-November season to make the most out of this roaring reef. Famous among shortboarders, Keramas is on its way to becoming Bali’s most popular waves. Featuring extraordinarily long barrel sections, steep waves, and open faces, the Keramas is every surfer’s safe dream. Not as dangerous as Padang Padang and equally fun, the beautiful black sand and rice paddle spot is often a magazine’s front cover. 

Wave heightWaist to Chest
TidesMid to high

Beware of the mega shallow reefs. Plus, Keramas is always crowded. Reach this spot quickly as a short drive from the airport lands you in the limelight.

Compilation of the best of Keramas!

          Best Bali surfing camps 

When you’re in Bali surfing, there’s nothing more pleasing than a nice surfing camp to stay in and enjoy your surfback rides in the area. While the Bali surfing camp you choose depends greatly on preference and location, here are a few things you should look for:

  1. Surf camps with good instructors.
  2. Board hire
  3. Food
  4. Good ambiance and resting facilities

Any camp which does not create havoc to reach the spots and has these four qualities is awesome to go. Plus, you can always check up online for reviews and testimonials to choose the best. Here are our favourites:

  1. Pelan Pelan Retreat
  2. Mondo Resort
  3. Padang Padang Surf Camp
  4. Dawn Patrol

Where to take surfing lessons in Bali?

Bali is the best island worldwide, according to professional longboard Jessica Hons, for new surfers to learn the art and for experts to hone them. If you’re looking to take surfing lessons in the island, hit a beginner friendly surf spot.

These have friendly waves with light swell and cool current that does not overwhelm you before you’re into the art. Wherever you land, there are plenty of Bali surfing camps around that can help you with surfing lessons, lend you all kinds of surf boards, and also offer a neat place to retreat while you learn to ride the waves!Surfing in Bali is perhaps every summerboy’s summer dream. With something special for everyone, the shores of Bali get swells from the Indian Ocean every month of the year.

Bali is easily the best place to go surfing, and it has its fair reasons. With thriving surf culture, you are bound to meet many new people into the art like yourself and enjoy your networking. Additionally, the place is abound with instructors and over 60 spots all around the island. This makes the place an ideal fit for anybody! There has to be some place absolutely fitting perfect to your surf level, right?

Did you enjoy reading this surfing guide? If you’re interested in exploring other water sports like snorkeling or kayaking, check out our comprehensive Bali snorkeling guide or Bali Kayaking .