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Fitness Classes in Canggu – Overview of the Best Gyms in Bali

If you’re in Canggu, Bali, and want to get fit, joining a fitness class is your best option. Fortunately, Canggu has no shortage of gyms that offer access to fitness classes. But if you’ve been to Bali, you know there are dozens of gyms. 

The sheer availability of gyms in Canggu makes choosing the best gym a rather difficult choice. So that’s why we’ve decided to tell you all about the best fitness gyms in Canggu that offer classes to get fit. 

Stick with us as we will provide a definitive guide on the subject. With all that said, let’s start.

Fitness gymsBest Fitness Classes in BaliPrices 
Bull Gym BaliFunctional High-Intensity Training (HIIT)1,600,000 IDR /month
250,000 IDR / day pass 
WanderlustCrossfit classes1,950,000 IDR /month
250,000 IDR / day pass 
Body Factory Bali Fitness classes, high-intensity training, yoga classes, etc.) 2,490,000 IDR /month
350,000 IDR / day pass 

Bull Gym Bali Fitness Classes

Fitness Canggu

The first gym on our list is Bull Gym. Bull Gym is a trendy gym in Canggu. However, unlike other gyms, Bull Gym is a traditional gym, so don’t expect fancy classes. Instead, expect to get shredded, ripped, and fit with their F.H.I.T class

F.H.I.T or Functional High-Intensity Training uses functional movements and equipment to help you build muscle and lose fat. It is a relatively new method that does work if done correctly. With F.H.I.T, members perform short bursts of vigorous activities followed by periods of rest or low-intensity workouts.

The goal is to get to the gym, work out, and be done for the day. Bull Gym F.H.I.T classes welcome both beginners and pros. Even if you are a beginner, you will learn the fundamental movements and exercises in no time. The real challenge is maintaining the intensity throughout the 60-minute workout session. 

Regardless, F.H.I.T is a challenge for even the fittest of athletes. But don’t be scared to give it a try. Bull Gym F.H.I.T classes start from 1,600,000 IDR for a month, while you can also try the day pass, which costs 250,000 IDR.

Body Factory Bali Fitness Classes

Body Factory has several fitness classes that will meet your needs for a proper body workout – depending on the type of class you join. 

The classes available at Body Factory include Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Tune Up, Upper & Lower Body, Rumble, Factory Fit, and Booty Factory. Let’s explain all and what they are.

  • Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga is a class where members learn the basics of Hatha. In the literal sense of the word, it’s a yoga class where members can wind down and work on achieving inner peace. In addition to learning the fundamentals of yoga, you also get an excellent workout. 

  • Tune Up

The Tune Up classes involve learning stretching exercises aimed at supporting your workout regime. This class will improve your range of motion and help you develop higher body awareness. As with any stretching class, you also improve your flexibility. The class is perfectly fit to help you stretch before your workouts.

  • Upper & Lower Body

The Upper & Lower Body class is a female-only class incorporating a mixture of strength and conditioning training. The class aims to “tune-up” your body and improve your physique. The class is separated into two – upper and body workouts. 

  • Rumble

Rumble is a boxing class. The class will teach you the fundamentals of boxing and make you a better athlete. In addition, the class offers excellent footwork and upper body workout. It incorporates all the core principles of boxing to put you in shape.

  • Factory Fit

Factory Fit is a high-intensity class where members use their own body weight and equipment to achieve peak physique. The 60-minute class involves cardio and strength training to make you stronger, leaner, and fitter. 

  • Booty Factory

Booty Factory is another female-only class where members use resistant bands and their own body weight to work on legs and glutes. The class aims to tune up your lower body and abbs and give you the booty of your dreams.

Body Factory offers monthly passes and day passes for their fitness classes. The monthly pass starts from 2,490,000 IDR, while the day passes at 350,000 IDR.

Wonderlust Fitness Canggu

Wonderlust Fitness Village offers fitness classes for adults and children. This decision aims to develop healthy habits from a young age and a strong body throughout adulthood. 

As such, you can sign up for multiple classes. The classes at Wonderlust include CrossFit, Metcon, Mobility, Total Body Toner, Bali Burn, Bali Booty, Weightlifting, Kid Fit, Gymnastics, and Aerial Movement.

You can sign up for all classes except Kid Fit and Gymnastics if you’re an adult. First, let’s explain the classes.

  • CrossFit

The CrossFit class is perfect for anyone looking to understand the philosophy behind CrossFit. CrossFit is a lifestyle where you will be using functional movements to develop the body of your dreams.

  • Metcon

Metcon uses lower weights and less heavy weightlifting to burn calories and make you fit. The class also involves warmups and set workouts that go hand-in-hand with H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training), TABATA, and other fitness methodologies. 

  • Mobility

The Mobility class aims to improve your range of movement and make you more flexible. The class is less intensive and aims to improve your joints, decrease recovery time, and prevent injuries. 

  • Total Body Toner

Total Body Toner is a class for a total body workout. It is one of the most beneficial classes as you’ll be working on a wide range of movements to help you build muscle and strength and help you lose fat. 

  • Bali Burn

Bali Burn is a class solely for burning calories. It follows the core principles of H.I.I.T, so expect high-intensity workouts followed by brief resting periods. 

  • Bali Booty

Bali Booty is a female-only class where members work on achieving the booty of their dreams. In addition, members use free weights and resistant bands to improve their glutes, legs, and abs. It is a balanced class that will tighten your booty and tone it to perfection.

  • Weightlifting

Wonderlust’s Weightlifting Class is exactly what it sounds like. The class is perfect for those looking to lift heavy weights and improve their strength. In addition, you will also learn the fundamentals of weightlifting, achieving perfect form, and learning techniques to lift like a pro. 

  • Aerial Movement

The Aerial Movement class is different from most classes on this list. The class is perfect for those who’ve always wanted to learn the art of aerial acrobatics. But don’t think this class won’t get you in shape. It requires a lot of core strength and mental fortitude to pull off an aerial skill like trapeze, rope, or lyra hoop. 

You can sign up for these classes by purchasing a monthly pass or a day pass to give it a try. Monthly passes start at 1,950,000 IDR, while day passes start at 250,000 IDR


That concludes the best fitness classes in Canggu Gyms. We hope we’ve outlined exactly what you needed to hear and know where to go next time you want to sign up for fitness classes.

So, which one do you prefer? We’re eager to hear more about it in the comments.