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The 8 Reasons Why You Should Join Bull GYM In Bali

When looking to join a fitness gym in Bali, what are the things most important to you? Is it the availability of equipment, sufficient space, or access to great amenities? While you should settle for second best, we’re to tell you why you should join Bull Gym.

That’s why we’re here to give you our guide on how to choose a gym in Bali. Even if choosing a gym in Bali is as easy as enjoying a beach Bull Gym in Bali is one of the highest-rated gyms on the paradise island. It’s located in Canggu and has access to everything you need to get the necessary workout. In addition, the gym is one of the cheaper ones in Bali. But simply saying that doesn’t do you any justice. As such, we will get into great details about why you should join Bull Gym.

1. Bull Gym Has A Functional Workout Program

A gym is a business that provides its customers with high-end training equipment anA top fitness gym must accommodate the needs of its members. Bull Gym has an up-to-standards functional high-intensity fitness (F.H.I.T) program. If you’re into CrossFit classes, this is the gym to sign up with. You can sign up for their program and gain access to the class. But the real cake is that you’re also gaining access to the gym itself.

Their H.I.F.T program rates are some of the most affordable on the entire island. A six-month membership costs 1,400,000 IR (~$100). If you’re going without the H.I.F.T program, a normal membership costs 1,000,000 IR. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that. But if you’re not planning on sticking around for that long, there are also weekly and monthly membership plans. To put it short, Bull Gym has a functional and flexible H.I.F.T program.

But what are you getting with this workout program? H.I.F.T is usually done in classes. Each session you’ll be working on different exercises that involve cardio, strength, and functional training. These exercises will target different muscle groups and take a few minutes of your day. H.I.F.T is preferred to those who want fast workouts. One of the benefits of signing up with Bull Gym’s workout program is that you’ll be getting into a routine that will help you shred fat in no time..

2. Bull Gym Has Professional Personal Trainers

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration when joining any fitness gym is the knowledge and professionalism of personal trainers. Personal trainers are individuals that create fitness programs for clients. They usually operate on a one-on-one basis with their clients to help them achieve their goals. It is the job of the personal trainer to motivate you and guide you throughout your workout. Without that, you will find it harder to achieve your goals. Fortunately, that’s the opposite in the case of Bull Gym. Naturally, it becomes a necessity for a fitness gym to have knowledgeable and experienced trainers. That’s precisely what Bull Gym offers to members. Both personal trainers, Stephanie and Yannick, are seasoned veterans with years of experience lifting weights and holding sessions.

This isn’t their first rodeo. Stephanie and Yannick managed a French gym for more than 15 years before moving to Bali in 2019 to share their love and passion for powerlifting and bodybuilding. And this isn’t a made-up claim. They’re certified powerlifters, with Stephanie and Yannick competing in numerous powerlifting championships. They even have several French powerlifting championships under their belts- and they have the titles to prove it. Both personal trainers are actively training with professional athletes in their preparations to compete for the French Elite Powerlifting Championships. With more than 15 years in the industry, both trainers have the passion and experience to prepare you for your next journey in life. Simply said, they’re pros that take their job very seriously. So if you’re looking at signing up with a gym that provides professional trainers, look no further than Bull Gym.

3. Bull Gym Has A Wide Variety Of Equipment

The third reason why should sign up with Bull Gym is that they have a wide range of equipment to accommodate your fitness needs. When it comes to the equipment itself, it’s all brand new. It is one of the few Bali gyms that makes it a priority to give members the latest tools to work on their bodies. This comes with obvious benefits in itself. Members will never compromise their workouts by training with sub-pair equipment such as old cardio machines or faulty dumbbells. But what sort of equipment does Bull Gym has? Let’s go over that real quick.

Strenght Equipment and Free Weights

Bull Gym has all the equipment members need to work on their strength. The gym gives members access to dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells. In addition to that, the gym provides members access to all kinds of strength equipment. This includes machines, medicine & stability balls, exercise bands, and more.

Functional Training Equipment

For members who are struggling to use free weights and strength training equipment, the fitness gym also provides you with functional training equipment that allows you to use your body in a natural way. Some of the noteworthy pieces of equipment for functional training the gym provides are plyometric steps, ropes, cables machines, and more.

Cardio Equipment

No fitness gym can operate without cardio equipment. Simply said, you won’t be signing up with a gym that doesn’t offer you access to noteworthy cardio equipment. Bull Gym understands this. Hence why they offer members all kinds of cardio equipment and machines to meet their workout needs. The gym has rowing machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, stair steps, and more. Before we finish this segment, we should emphasize that the gym has all of this equipment in abundance. This means members will not have to wait for other members to finish training before they could use the equipment.

Bull Gym Holds Fitness Classes

he best gyms provide you with access to pOne of the perks of joining Bull Gym is that you can sign up for their functional high-intensity training classes (F.H.I.T). The classes are held every day from 8:30 AM to 10 AM and can hold a capacity of six participants. If you sign up for this class, you’ll get access to their gym facility and the classes themselves. This means you can attend the classes while still using the facilities.

uscle groups. It incorporates functional fitness with strength training, weight lifting, and all that in a high-intensity one-and-a-half-hour class. F.H.I.T is a popular training modality that is becoming immensely popular in Bali gyms. Bull Gym Bali  has some of the best F.H.I.T fitness classes for you to sign up to. After attending a session, you’ll feel much better since you’ll be working with seasoned professionals who know how to get the best workout done.

5. Bull Gym Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

While having the necessary facilities is hugely important when choosing a fitness gym in Bali, we shouldn’t forget about what members are getting by signing up with Bull Gym. Members are quick to express the professional and fun atmosphere at the gym. With friendly staff and professional personal trainers, the foundation for success is there. All members need to do is double down and work hard to achieve their goals. What the gym will provide are the tools to help them achieve their goals. Personal trainers are excellent for this. One of their jobs is to motivate you to achieve your goals. By providing proper guidance and instructions, you will have an easier time witnessing results. If your goal is to slimmer down, the gym will tell you what to do to achieve this goal. If your goal is to have Chris Hemsworth’s body, you can achieve that through the guidance of the personal trainers. Even fellow members chip in with their tips and tricks on how to easily achieve your goals. Simply said, Bull gym is an awesome place to get your daily workout and join classes with awesome individuals.

6. Bull Gym Will Connect You With Like-minded Individuals

Everyone at the Bali gym is eager to help you with any issues you might have. While most members turn to the staff for help, fellow members are just as likely to help you out. This connects to the previous point – the fun and professional atmosphere. Everyone at the gym is friendly and chances are, you will meet tons of workout buddies. This can help you develop new friendships. Whether a fellow member is helping you with spotting or you’re chilling at the protein bar, there are friendly faces all around the gym.

7. Bull Gym Will Help You Develop Healthy Habits

Everyone that’s been to a gym knows that training is a way of life. There’s no point in getting a good workout if you don’t supplement it with other things such as diet. So one thing you’ll notice is that the gym is more than happy to provide additional resources to help you achieve the body of your dream. If you’re joining a class, there is a good chance a fellow member will share their tips and tricks on how to get to the next level. If you have questions in regards to diet, the personal trainers can put together an entire guide on what you should and shouldn’t include in your meals.

What this comes down to is that Bull Gym is the perfect place to develop healthy habits. For example, the gym opens at 7 AM and people show up for early morning gym sessions. This means you’ll get into a habit of waking up earlier to head to the gym and make it in time. The reason why their program starts that early is because plenty of people have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. As some of you know, going to bed early is the best way to sort out your sleep schedule. By joining an F.H.I.T class, you’re putting an end to your sleep problems.

8. Bull Gym Will Encourage You To Work On Your Health

In addition to developing healthy habits, the fitness gym in Bali is known for encouraging members to work on their health. While exercising is indeed healthy, that’s not the only way to care for your health. Fast food is a major problem in our society. Obesity is at an all-time high. Joining a fitness gym means saying no to unhealthy foods.

When you get into a habit of working out, you do have to sacrifice some things in return. If you enjoy a nice burger on a night out, you can still do it. But it’s counterproductive to eat fast foods three times a week. That’s what the wonderful people at Bull Gym will help you overcome. By combining everything we’ve said so far, by joining Bull Gym, you will be encouraged to work on your health more.

This means making healthier decisions, eating healthily, and looking after other things.

Finishing Thoughts

There are few gyms in Bali that offer what Bull Gym does. With access to additional amenities such as showers and a cloakroom, Bull Gym is the best place to get your daily workout done. It’s cheaper than most gyms and has enough space to accommodate everyone’s needs. With tons of friendly faces all around you, achieving your fitness goals will never be a problem at Bull Gym.

The personal trainers, Stephanie and Yannick, are there to help you develop your body in a way that best suits you. So if the prospect of working with professionals appeals to you, give this fitness gym in Bali a try.