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Louis and Friends Gym Bali : What You Need to Know Before Joining

Louis and Friends Gym in Bali is a homie-style gym where members can come in and work with excellent equipment and exercise machines. The gym is in Denpasar and provides members with excellent amenities to supplement their workouts.
We are here to review the classes and equipment you can find in the Louis and Friends Gym. So with that said, let’s start.

Louis and Friends gym Bali

What Makes Louis and Friends Gym So Special?

Bali has its fair share of gyms. The sheer amount of fitness centers makes it difficult to pick the right one for your needs. Louis and Friends is a popular gym, and the Google “Popular times” section reinforces that claim.

The gym, although spacious, can be crowded during peak hours. That means one and only one thing – the gym has plenty of active members who come in and work out. What members love the most about the gym is the access to amenities.

The gym has a pool, sauna, free towels, showers, and air conditioning. Amenities are important for any gym that wants to provide something extra to members. And Louis and Friends knows this, so they conveniently provide a coffee shop inside that serves protein drinks. Apart from amenities, we will also touch on available classes and equipment.


Louis and Friends is a spacious gym, but it also has a dance studio where members can join dance classes. The gym offers all kinds of dance and fitness classes. From weightlifting classes to rumba, there are lots to get excited about.

The classes are particularly popular, but their sheer number of members can sometimes make the gym overcrowded. If you’re looking to join a class, you best be on the lookout for promos that lowers the overall price of the gym.

With gym access, you also get access to all amenities and classes. In addition, you can also hire a personal trainer to help you achieve your workout goals.


Louis and Friends are proud to call the equipment on-premise “high class.” And that isn’t an understatement. All the equipment and exercise machines are new and quality-made. 

The gym gives access to free weights, sandbags, medicine balls, cardio machines, weightlifting machines, etc.

From the gym’s list of cardio machines, the most easily accessible machine is the treadmill. They have a separate section with cardio machines where members come in for cardio sessions. After a workout, you can enjoy a protein smoothie or coffee with your workout buddies at the coffee shop or relax in the sauna or outdoor pool. 


Louis and Friends is a gym in Bali that offers members superb facilities to help them achieve their fitness goals. The gym offers members dance and weightlifting classes to work in groups and personal trainers to work one-on-one.

The amenities help make Louis and Friends one of the more popular gyms on the island. We hope you liked our review and will use it to determine if the gym is right for you.