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Gym in Bali: Reviews & Testimonials

The best way to choose a gym in Bali is by looking at what other people have to say. Reviews are an excellent source of information. We can uncover plenty of things by simply going online, typing in the name of a particular gym, and reading what members have to say.
You won’t have a bad time at the gym if the reviews are mostly positive. But if the reviews are mostly negative, chances are you won’t have a pleasant time.
What people say will ultimately determine whether or not you should sign up with a particular gym. And for this article, we’ve compiled the best reviews for the best gym in Bali.

Best Gym Equipment Reviews

This section compiles the reviews members leave for the equipment in Bull Gym.


Bull Gym is the most stocked gym I have ever been to. The dumbells are great and brand new. The treadmills are fully functional and also new, by the looks of it.

The equipment is of very high quality, but what impressed me the most is that you can train without worrying about sharing. The gym has so many dumbells, kettlebells, and barbells in addition to machinery that I won’t hesitate to go there again. Recommended.



I’ve been to plenty of gyms in Canggu and never really found one that impressed me. Not until I discovered Bull Gym. What I love the most is the spacious interior and variety of equipment. I think I’m right in saying that the equipment is also new. The machines look new, the free weights look new, and I’ve never had any problem working on a particular machine. The gym has so many free weights and machines that you’ll never have to wait your turn. I very much recommend this gym.



I don’t think you will find a better gym in Canggu. The facility is huge, looks new, and the equipment is quality. I think what makes me love this gym the most is the equipment. Everything is new and looks expensive, although the gym is one of the less pricey options in Canggu. There’s a huge variety of free weights and equipment and enough for everyone.


Best Gym Trainers Reviews

This section outlines the best reviews for the trainers working at Bull Gym.


Trainers are important to me because I’m a beginner and don’t really know what to do in a gym. With Stephanie and Yannick at Bull Gym, I’m happy to say I’m progressing very well. They’re professional and attentive and focus all of their attention on you during your session. I highly recommend Bull Gym’s trainers.



Bull Gym has an awesome workout environment. And partly why are the trainers, Yannick and Stephanie. I only recently learned that they’re ex-pros, so they know what they’re doing. I’m also a beginner and had no trouble working with them. I guess they know how to create a workout plan for even the least experienced gym-goers, such as myself. 



I love Stephanie, which is why I’m writing this review. She is attentive, an excellent communicator, and knows how to get the most out of me. This isn’t my first time in a gym, but it’s the first time I’ll be sticking around for more than a month. And I have to thank Stephanie for that. I highly recommend the trainers at Bull Gym. 


Best Gym Cardio Area Reviews

The following section compiles the best reviews for the cardio area at Bull Gym.


Awesome environment, excellent equipment, but the cardio area is my favorite. There are so many cardio machines, and the whole area is spacious, so you won’t have to worry about crowds. The cardio machines are also new and highly functional. Bull Gym is the perfect gym for all my cardio needs. Highly recommend it. 



I’m somewhat of a cardio freak, and I’ve had trouble finding the right gym. That’s until I found Bull Gym. The gym has a fantastic cardio area that’s fully stocked with new machines. There’s also a huge variety of machines to work on. There are treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, etc. You won’t get a better cardio exercise than here. Huge plus.  



I love the cardio area in Bull Gym. It’s spacious, has plenty of cardio machines, and I’ve never had any problems waiting for my turn. In addition, the environment is professional, clean, and the people are fantastic to talk to.  


Best Gym Free Weights Reviews

The following section outlines the most positive reviews regarding the free weights in Bull Gym.


I’m so glad I joined Bull Gym as the free weights are some of the most quality equipment I’ve worked with. There are kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and a ton of other free-weight equipment. And the best part about it – they’re brand new! After relocating from Canada, I’m staying in Bali, and I’m happy to say I’ve found the gym to get in shape.



I love Bull Gym, and I love the free weights the gym has to offer. I’m not the strongest person, so I need relatively light weights to work with. I was staying in another gym before joining Bull Gym, and I always struggled with the free weights. Suffice to say, there weren’t enough kettlebells and dumbbells for every member. But in Bull Gym, I’ve had no problem as there’s a ton of variety and plenty of free weights to choose from. 



I’ve tried plenty of Canggu gyms, but Bull Gym is my favorite. I love the free weights area, and one of my favorite things about the gym is the sheer abundance of free weights. I can also set aside a pair of dumbbells and know I can hoard them when working on something else. Trust me; the gym has a LOT of free weights. That’s a plus in my book.  


Best Gym with F.H.I.T Classes Reviews

The following section outlines the best reviews regarding Bull Gym’s F.H.I.T classes. 


I joined Bull Gym for the F.H.I.T classes, and I can say that it is one of the best I’ve ever been to. What I love the most about the class is that we’re all one big community. Even if you’re a beginner, the more experienced members will help get you up to speed. The instructor is also very lovely and will give you tips and advice on how to make F.H.I.T work for you.  



Bull Gym’s F.H.I.T classes are some of the best in the whole Canggu area. I love working with professionals who know what it means to do intensive workouts, and I believe Bull Gym has the right class for that. Mark: Not a new gym, but everything feels new. I hold a Bull Gym membership and a membership for the F.H.I.T class. I love the fact I can train F.H.I.T and use the gym on my class day-offs. The personal trainer is one of the best I’ve worked with, and I love that beginners can work with the more experienced members. We tend to help each other and advise on how to do better. Highly recommend the F.H.I.T class at Bull Gym.