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Ubud Gym : the Best Fitness gym to Join

Suffice to say; there are dozens of gyms across Ubud. Joining the one that works best for you will ensure you get your desired level of attention. But instead of spending endless hours researching, we’re going to tell you about the best fitness clubs to join in Ubud.

Make sure to stick around and find out what the islanders say are their best picks for getting a full-body workout.

Academy Fitness Ubud Gym

Ubud gym

Academy Fitness knows how to create the perfect workout environment. The gym is located in the beautiful area of Ubud and has all the amenities you need for a proper workout. 

The gym is fairly spacious and can accommodate larger groups. The workout area is separated into sections. There’s a section for training with free weights, exercise machines, and the gym even has fitness classes. Members praise the Academy Fitness coaches. With friendly staff, a clean area, and welcoming members, Academy Fitness should be a contender for your next trip to the gym.

In terms of fitness class options, the gym offers H.I.I.T classes, TRX classes, weightlifting classes, and more. The equipment is brand new, and the list of amenities makes for a perfect after-workout gathering. 

In terms of amenities, the gym offers a resting area, a cafe, lockers, changing room, showers, and more.

Gymnasium Bali

Gymnasium Bali is a relatively new place in the heart of Ubud. Right from the start, members love the amazing atmosphere the gym owners create, thanks to the use of dark colors. Even if the gym is new, it is already one of the highest-rated gyms in Ubud.

Members love the diverse group of classes the gym offers, which includes stretching classes, functional training classes, neuro fitness classes, yoga, strip-plastic classes, split stretch classes, MFR, and more. 

Classes are run by separate coaches and are made out of beginners and advnaced members. But fear not, as the members of Gymnasium Bali are welcoming and will help you get up to speed in no time.

Members also love the abundance of free weights and space available to them. The equipment is brand new, and there’s enough variety for anyone to come in and exercise in peace. 

In terms of amenities, the gym has a pool area with two pools and multiple saunas, complete with a fantastic view. 

Ubud Fitness Center

Ubud Fitness Center offers members everything they need to get a proper workout. The fitness center lies in Ubud and is one of the more affordable places on the island. 

While doing our research, we found that the gym has excellent quality equipment and exercise machines. In addition, the staff is friendly, and they even give you a bottle of water and a towel when you come in. Speaking more on the location, the gym lies on the outskirts of Ubud in an area with a perfect view. The gym’s location is away from the neighborhood’s commotion and pollution, and you can even hear birds chirping in the background. 

However, the gym has no fitness classes. So if you’re considering joining Ubud Fitness Center for the wide range of classes, do know that this isn’t that type of gym.

Instead, expect a vast open area with plenty of free weights and exercise machines. In addition, there’s a lovely outdoor area where you can sit down and relax after your workout. Members also praise the gym’s cleanliness and love the cafe area where they can get after-workout protein shakes.

Resya Gym

Yet another gym located on the outskirts of Ubud, in a quiet neighborhood, Resya Gym offers members access to exercise equipment and free weights to make sure they’re getting the desired workout.

Resya Gym offers a big spacious area, but they separate the area based on what members are training. One area is stocked with free weights and similar equipment, while another houses the elliptical machines and treadmills. 

The gym lends free towels, and you can fill up your water bottle. In terms of amenities, there is a sauna area, showers, a pool, AC, and lockers where you can change and put your stuff. If you’re into boxing, there are several boxing bags for you to sweat out. 

One thing we identified as an issue is that the gym has a large number of members. The trouble with that is that the gym isn’t that big. So it can get quite crowded during peak hours. Members recommend you come in early when most are at work. If you come in at peak hours, you might have to wait your turn on the cardio machines. 

With that said, the gym is reasonably priced, and the protein shakes offer the perfect post-workout treat. 

Ubud Fitness

Ubud Fitness markets itself as a health & fitness community for everyone on the island. What makes Ubud fitness standout are the numerous classes designed to achieve a particular goal. The fitness center offers weight loss classes, strength gain classes, athletics classes, and health and longevity classes.

The gym is also relatively new and offers members access to several amenities. First, there is the much-adored recovery area stocked with a sauna, ice baths, a pool, sports massages, and physiotherapy designed to give you the best recovery you’ve ever had.

In addition, there is a cafe where members can sit down with other members for a coffee or a protein shake – designed to fuel your gains. There’s also a wide range of tasty snacks and healthy drinks. But what are you getting from the gym? Well, you’re getting a large workout area stocked with exercise machines, free weights, and similar equipment. 


That concludes our list and research of Ubud’s five best fitness clubs. We hope you liked our list and we’ve helped you the next time you want to join a gym in Ubud.