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Avenue Fitness Bali or Bull Gym – Which One To Sign Up With?

When you’re visiting Bali, consider signing up with a gym. Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations. But many move to Bali for the warm weather and paradise beaches. As such, now is the time to simmer down and get shredded. Luckily for you, Bali has excellent gym options. Bull Gym and Avenue Fitness Bali are two of the most popular ones.

This review will focus on the most important aspects members look at when signing up with a gym. Here is a brief comparison of what both gyms have to offer.

  GymBull Gym BaliAvenue Fitness Bali
New Equipment🌟🌟🌟🌟
Variety Of Equipment🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Membership Cost Per Month1’000 000 RP1’350 000 RP
Large Areas🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
ClassesCrossFit ClassesFitness Classes
 *Prices are updated as of January 20

In addition to the brief comparison, this guide will dive deeper into the pros and cons of both gyms. When deciding on the good and bad things, we look at what past and current members have to say in addition to the information readily available online. So with all that said, let’s start with Bull Gym.

Avenue Fitness Bali

Avenue Fitness Bali is also located in Canggu. Unlike Bull Gym, Avenue Fitness Bali doesn’t have the same variety of equipment. Also, the weights and machines aren’t brand new. But that doesn’t mean the gym doesn’t run to a high standard. Avenue Fitness pays exceptional attention to hygiene. More so, the staff is friendly and polite. What makes Avenue Fitness stand out is the recovery area. There are a jacuzzi, sauna, and ice baths, which are located on the bottom floor. The training area is well-stocked on weights, and the fitness center has tons of cardio machines. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Avenue Fitness Bali.

Avenue Fitness Bali Pros

Avenue Fitness Bali is an good gym to go to for a workout. While the gym is slightly more expensive, coming in at 1,350,000 RP ($90) per month, it still has everything you need to get in shape. They have a flexible membership plan that includes two-month, three-month, six-month, and one-year membership plans. If you’re looking to give the gym a try, go for a one-day, three-day, four-day, five-day, ten-day, or weekly pass.Β 

The weights in the gym are well organized and everything is kept tidy. The staff leaves disinfectants for members to clean after using the equipment. Avenue Fitness Bali is one of the few gyms that offers Zumba, yoga, core fusion, and muay Thai classes. The recovery area is free for members to use, but it can get crowded, at times. The amenities don’t stop there. There is a juice bar where you can sit down to get your daily dose of delicious shakes. The personal trainers are friendly and will help you reach your goals. All in all, Avenue Fitness Bali has everything members need to get a good workout.

Avenue Fitness Bali Cons

There are a few things new members should know before signing up with Avenue Fitness. For example, even if we’ve given three stars when it comes to ample space, it can get quite crowded. The training area itself is quite small. That’s because the gym covers three floors, and there isn’t that much room on each floor. Free space can be an issue during peak hours. We also cannot ignore the issue with the weights and fitness machines. They’re not brand new, and there aren’t that many cardio machines to choose from. 

Bull Gym Bali

Bull Gym is located in the resort village of Canggu. The gym is quite popular as it has some of the best equipment on the entire island. Everything is brand new, and there is an abundance of machines to choose from. From free weights to cardio machines, Bull Gym has it all. The gym is inclusive and has everything you need to get a good workout. One thing that members love is the “no taking picture policy” when doing their workout. Gyms in Bali understand that not every member is comfortable when someone takes pictures. As such, you’ll be instructed to keep your phone in your pocket or put it in your locker. 

Lockers aren’t the only amenity the gym offers. There is a protein bar area where you can sit down for a protein shake or cake after your fitness session. The bar is well stocked and a great place to talk with gym buddies after workouts. The shower area is another amenity that gym members can use after working out. The staff is friendly, and the personal trainers are well-liked. You get all of that for 1,000,000 RP ($70) a month. The gym also offers different membership plans such as a six-month membership, one-week membership, and day passes. The gym holds CrossFit classes where a month costs 1,600,000 RP ($110). Let’s go over the pros and cons of Bull Gym.

Bull Gym Pros

One of the advantages of signing up with Bull Gym is that you get access to a wide range of free weights and machines. All the equipment is brand new, and the gym makes sure everything is well maintained. The staff will ask you to keep the weights and machines clean after using them. 

Apart from free weights and fitness equipment, there is ample floor space so every member can train without being a nuisance to others. The gym holds CrossFit classes separately from the training and cardio areas. All in all, the Canggu gym covers an area of 500 square meters, which is enough room for all members to train even during peak hours.Β 

Another reason to sign up with Bull Gym is that the gym’s owners are personal trainers. Both Stephanie and Yannick have years of experience running a gym and even more experience when it comes to holding individual training sessions. Both are certified powerlifters and have competed and won numerous championships. The expertise of Bull Gym’s personal trainers is a big reason why they have so many members. 

Bull Gym Cons

When we look at where Bull Gym lacks, there are a few niggling issues to mention. First off, there is no car parking space. But there is parking if you arrive by scooter or bike. Secondly, the gym likes to keep things nice and clean, and you will be approached by staff if you fail to abide by this rule. Lastly, there is a dog that roams the premises. This might be an issue if you’re not a dog person. 

Bull Gym Or Avenue Fitness?

Despite the extra amenities, Avenue Fitness is quite small. On the other hand, Bull Gym is cheaper, and most importantly, it has more things that gym-goers value higher – more space, new equipment, more variety of equipment. While both gyms are excellent for getting a workout, the winner has to be Bull Gym.