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What’s It Like Being A Digital Nomad in Bali?

Digital nomads love Bali. The paradise island offers the possibility to work in a stimulating environment and still be able to live cheaply. These two core components are essential for digital nomads, and Bali provides an excellent reason to move to the island and work remotely.

What also helps is that Bali will soon issue a digital nomad visa. Government officials say that the Visa will be introduced in 2023, and it’s only a matter of time before the island has a steady stream of digital nomads moving to work and live there.

But what it’s like being a digital nomad in Bali? Where do they live, work, hang around, and what are the top things they do? In this blog post, we will explore the life of digital nomads in Bali to hopefully explain all the fuss. 

Where Do Digital Nomads Live in Bali?

It’s safe to say that the entire island of Bali is one big paradise land. But that doesn’t mean all of Bali is a digital nomad’s paradise. To answer where digital nomads live in Bali, we have to look at what they look for in a place to live. 

What Digital Nomads In Bali Look For When Choosing Where to Live?

Generally speaking, digital nomads seek a place with a decent internet connection, a good cost of living, and a vibrant community. 

Bali is great for all these aspects. From Ubud to Seminyak, there are plenty of digital nomad-friendly places to live in Bali with fast and reliable internet. Being a tropical paradise, the cost of living is quite low too. Here are the best neighborhoods for digital nomads in Bali:


Seminyak is Bali’s most highly sought-after neighborhood, especially for digital nomads. The neighborhood is known for its nightclubs, coliving spaces, budget accommodations, and beaches. 

Seminyak is also one of Bali’s most popular tourist towns. It has luxury shopping centers, great restaurants, bars, and gyms. Simply said, Seminyak offers everything a digital nomad could want.


Next in line is Ubud. Ubud is Bali’s cultural center, with stunning scenery, a tranquil atmosphere, and abundant things to do. The relatively small town is known for its traditional Balinese architecture, crafts, and rainforests. Simply said, Ubud is the perfect place for digital nomads as it offers serenity and tranquility. 

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Lastly, there’s Canggu. Canggu is a popular resort village in the west of Bali. Digital nomads stay in Canggu do it for its beaches, bars, nightclubs, and excellent coliving spaces. You’ll find great coffee shops populated by other digital nomads, and you’ll have no trouble making new friends in Canggu.

These three neighborhoods/towns are Bali’s most popular digital nomad spots. And that brings us to the next part of this guide, our list of Bali’s best coliving spaces. 

Best Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads in Bali

Bali has no shortage of coliving spaces for digital nomads. The definition of a “coliving space” is a shared living space with shared rooms and facilities. Coliving spaces offer a wide range of benefits to digital nomads. None are more prevalent than the knowledge-sharing aspect of living with others similar to you. 

Simply said, digital nomads need a place to live and work while they’re traveling. Coliving spaces are specifically designed for this purpose and for digital nomads. They are cheap, issue weekly or monthly leases, and provide all the amenities digital nomads need to stay productive while traveling.

So that begs the question, what are the best coliving spaces for digital nomads in Bali?

Puco Rooftop – Canggu

A space for coliving and coworking, Puco Rooftop in Canggu is a popular digital nomad hotspot in Bali. The space is located in the heart of Canggu and is surrounded by plenty of amenities. 

The flexible living plans make Puco Rooftop one of the best coliving spaces for digital nomads. Digital nomads can rent a room or a villa for seven or 30 days. Both options include access to the common areas, the rooftop, charging station, and other facilities.

The prices are affordable, and the coliving space is often full, so the community is always lively and entertaining. Regarding prices, it’s best to request an estimate with them to get the full scope.

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Cheap Coliving in Canggu

Shashvata CoLiving & CoWorking – Perenenan

One of the best coliving and coworking spaces in Perenenan is Shashvata CoLiving & CoWorking. Located in the heart of Perenenan, Shashvata offers digital nomads the chance to live in a tranquil and cozy environment while working and traveling.

Digital nomads get their own luxury room and share the lounge area, pool area, and other facilities. That’s perfect for getting to know other digital nomads and making new connections. The cafe is of particular interest to digital nomads. The cafe is located within the coliving space and is open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm. You can grab a coffee, a smoothie, or a drink, and they even serve food. 

With free Wi-Fi and a wonderful rooftop area, there are few better coliving and coworking spaces in Bali than Shashvata. Make sure to request a quote with them to get the exact pricing.

Coliving Perenenan

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Localisation : Perenenan

Biliq – Seminyak

If Bali is your office, Biliq is your home. Biliq is Bali’s highest-rated coliving and coworking space. Located in Seminyak, Biliq offers digital nomads several coliving and coworking options. 

Regarding coliving, Biliq offers spacious studios, a swimming pool, shared areas, and tons of other amenities. But the real selling point is their coworking space. Located in Seminyak, on Sunset Road, Biliq’s coworking space offers digital nomads the chance to rent their own private office, dedicated desk in a shared space, or flexidesk. 

Digital nomads also get to sample the warm hospitality of the Biliq staff by attending exciting events. With superfast Wi-Fi and comfortable and luxurious accommodations, Biliq is among the best coliving and coworking spaces for digital nomads in Bali. For exact pricing, it’s best to request a quote.

Website :

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Localisation : Seminyak

Outpost Coliving – Ubud

Outpost Coliving has spaces all over Bali. However, their Ubud location is their most popular one due to the on-site restaurant and cafe. Outpost Coliving offers digital nomads a variety of coliving and coworking options. The intent is to make nomads feel at home, so they get a fully furnished private room with a shared communal area. 

The entire complex has superfast Wi-Fi and a great atmosphere. The place is located in Ubud in a vibrant neighborhood and lots of local amenities. 

In addition to the coliving space, their coworking space is also top-notch. Their coworking space is huge, has superfast Wi-Fi, private offices, workshop areas, and shared office spaces, all equipped with the tools nomads live to go about their day-to-day activities. Outpost Coliving hosts lots of events and gatherings to make digital nomads feel at home and connect with one another.

It’s best to request a quote to get the exact prices. 

Best Cafes With Excellent Wi-Fi For Digital Nomads in Bali

Just because you’re coliving in Bali doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the wonderful cafes in Bali that offer digital nomads the perfect environment for work. Therefore, we will list the best cafes for digital nomads in Bali.

Coffee Shop Berawa

Coffee Shop Berawa is a popular place for digital nomads and remote workers. They have an excellent lunch menu and superfast Wi-Fi to ensure you get the job done. The coffee shop is cozy, spacious, and can accommodate many people simultaneously. They even have a section for working alone, and there are plenty of charging stations to go around. 

If you find yourself at Coffee Shop Berawa between 3 pm and 6 pm, you’ll be just in time for happy hour! 

Gron Espresso Bar

Gron Espresso Bar in Canggu is yet another excellent cafe for digital nomads in Bali. This is a great place to come in and get work done. Order one of their famous coffees and you’ll be ready to tackle any task! They also have an excellent menu of fresh salads and sandwiches, perfect for the nomad who cannot skip breakfast. The superfast Wi-Fi is also great for tackling any project that needs to be finished in a timely manner.


Tribal in Bali is yet another comfy and cozy cafe perfect for digital nomads looking for a change of pace. Tribal is a cafe/hostel that serves excellent coffee, amazing food, and fresh juices for your liking. Digital nomads can come in and sit down with a laptop and connect to their superfast Wi-Fi to get any project done. 

The place looks wonderful and will evoke feelings of tranquility while working.

Sisterfields Cafe

Finally, we have Sisterfields Cafe. Sisterfields Cafe is a popular brunch and lunch spot in Bali and is often full of digital nomads looking to get work done

The place has a separate area where nomads can work with their laptops and order from the menu. Sisterfields Cafe has excellent Wi-Fi and a welcoming atmosphere that will keep you feeling productive throughout the day. 

Best Gyms for Digital Nomads in Bali

While staying in Bali and working remotely as a digital nomad is an incredible experience, you mustn’t forget to take care of your body. Bali has hundreds of gyms and health clubs for you to sign up with and stay in shape. But certain gyms, like Bull Gym Bali offer everything digital nomads to stay in shape. That includes:

  • Favourable Location

Bull Gym is close to Canggu and to most coliving spaces in Bali. Digital nomads won’t have to travel far to visit the gym as it is only a short distance away from their accommodations.

  • Flexible Personal Trainers

Bull Gym personal trainers are more than happy to tailor your workouts to your specific needs and goals. This means the trainers at our gym will adapt to your time constraints, fitness needs, and workout goals.

  • Fitness Classes

Bull Gym offers fitness classes that keep digital nomads in Bali active and motivated to achieve their workout goals. We have F.H.I.T classes that will help you achieve the body of your dreams. 

  • Lucrative Membership Perks

Our gym partners with several local businesses to give our members exclusive access to local deals and promotions. We partner with a number of local businesses to provide these benefits to you. We are partners with the following businesses:

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Other Questions

Are There Any Good Plans For Digital Nomads in Bali?

Businesses in Bali love to offer their customers exclusive access to special offers and plans from other respectable businesses. While it’s common for businesses to offer special discounts and promotions on new products, some establishments go the extra mile and offer exclusive benefits to their customers.

Is It Legal to Work Remotely in Bali?

Yes, it’s legal to work remotely in Bali with the B2A11a Business Visa. The Visa allows digital nomads to stay in the country for 60 days with an option to extend to an additional 60 days twice. This means digital nomads can work remotely and legally in Bali for up to six months.

 What Are the Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Bali?

There are many advantages to being a digital nomad in Bali. The tropical climate and its unique culture make it a great place to live. Bali is also very affordable compared to many other countries, which makes it an ideal place for digital nomads who need to be frugal with their spending. Additionally, the cost of living in Bali is relatively low, so digital nomads will have more money to spend on leisure activities and other things.