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Beach Gym in Bali – The Perfect Place for a Workout

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work out at the beach? While Bali has its fair share of gyms, there aren’t any gyms at the beach.

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations. One reason why Bali is so popular are the golden sandy beaches. So it’s baffling that no one has come up with the idea of working out at the beach.

Well, let’s imagine together a beach gym in Bali. Let’s also imagine all the fun things you can do and why it would be a huge hit.

A Place to Workout and Watch the Sunrise 

Beach gym bali

One of the biggest draws of a beach gym would be the sunrise and sundowns. Imagine getting up early and heading to the gym to train and watch the sunrise? What could beat that? 

Moreover, you can also train and watch the sun glare its golden rays on the beaches of Bali. I know I would love to do it.

A Place That Combines Fitness and Nature

Beach gym bali Canggu

Few things beat the smell of the ocean. It’s Bali’s version of high hilltops and mountain clear air. So we imagine the perfect beach gym in Bali as a place where you can hone your love for fitness and experience nature to its fullest.

We also imagine it would be quite a busy place. So it will be important to have plenty of space for everyone. But we’ll take it a step further and help you visualize everything you can do. 

Cardio Area

Can you even call it a gym without a cardio area? This is for every early bird who likes to run along the shores of their favorite beaches. Well, this time, you’ll get to run on treadmills and elliptical bikes. Pretty neat, don’t you think? 

Yoga Area

Yoga at the beach? Sign me up. Beach yoga is a brilliant way to connect with nature and with yourself. The calming sound of the waves splashing is the perfect tool to get you in the mood for some stretching and finding inner peace.

CrossFit Area

CrossFit is all about making high functional movements at high intensity. And there’s no better way to get a good sweat than through CrossFit. So we imagine a CrossFit area where everyone can come in and do high-intensity training. 

Shaded Training Area

No gym is complete without a training area filled with free weights. But this time, we imagine the training area protected from the sun. While it would be perfect if we could add natural shade, it is borderline impossible. That’s why the perfect beach gym in Bali will have an artificially-made shaded area to train in the cool. 

Wood Gym Equipment

One thing that goes against our hopeful plans for a beach gym is the water. The salty water will erode most equipment. That’s why we imagine wooden gym equipment that provides something different from traditional gyms. 

Outdoor Gym Lighting

And to finish off, the perfect beach gym in Bali will have outdoor lighting to set the mood after sundown. We would like the gym to be open 24/7 and available to everyone. Outdoor gym lighting will make it possible to train late in the day.


What do you think of our dream beach gym in Bali? Even if it’s a dream, it’s something we would love to see come true. In the meantime, why not sign up to one of the many gyms in Bali, like Bull Gym in Canggu? We’re positive it will make a difference in giving you the perfect body.