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Best Fitness Gyms in Kuta to Sign Up With

If you’re in Kuta, Bali, and looking to sign up with a fitness club, you should probably do your research. Kuta offers travelers a piece of the paradise that is Bali. Unfortunately, there are so many fitness gyms  to choose from, which makes the decision all that harder. On the other hand, research is always important whether you’re looking for a gym or a fitness club. 

We’ve got you covered if you lack time to do your due diligence or are too lazy. And we’re presenting a list of the five fitness gyms in Kuta to get in shape. So with all that said, let’s start.

Rai Fitness Sunset Gym in Kuta, Bali

Rai Fitness Sunset Gym is deemed by many as one of the best gyms on the island. Rai Fitness offers a comprehensive gym experience and facilities to care for your fitness needs, unlike other gyms. 

One thing that separates Rai Fitness from other fitness clubs is the all-around gym experience. As a result, Rai Fitness gym Kuta calls itself a “Mega Gym.” But what does this mean? 

In their words, Rai Fitness will provide the tools and methods to give you the best time while training. Here are some of the pros and cons of Rai Fitness.

Rai Fitness Pros

While doing our research, we found that the staff in Rai Fitness is one of the best in the industry. The staff are friendly and helpful and will attend to your needs.  

The abundance of gym equipment also makes Rai Fitness one of the better choices when joining a fitness club. They have classes where members can come in and do what they love the most. The variety of classes, the expertise of trainers, and extra facilities make joining Rai Fitness a no-brainer decision.

Rai Fitness Cons

We couldn’t overlook one particular issue with Rai Fitness. Even though Rai Fitness is a famous fitness club with hundreds of members, sometimes the gym makes itself look bad by blasting loud music. This is an issue that most members found. Although, we believe the issue can be resolved with a conversation. 

Celebrity Fitness Gym in Kuta, Bali

Celebrity Fitness might sound like a fitness club where many celebrities go in the Kuta area. Although you will be correct to assume that, Celebrity Fitness isn’t one of those high-end gyms where members pay exuberate sums of money just to train and post on Instagram.

Celebrity Fitness is a popular fitness club, and the research shows it. Here is what we found Celebrity Fitness members like and dislike about the gym.

Celebrity Fitness Pros

Celebrity Fitness has gyms all across Bali. Their Kuta location is booming with members. Whether training at the gym or joining a class, Celebrity Fitness offers tons of options. And that’s one of the biggest advantages when signing up with them. Celebrity Fitness not only hosts all kinds of classes, but they also host events. 

The events, in particular, are an excellent option to meet new workout buddies. Another huge hit is the numerous amenities and facilities. If you sign up with them, you can access the changing rooms, beverage area, lounge area, etc. Members also love the staff, the cleanliness of the gym, and the personal trainers and class trainers who know what they’re doing. 

Celebrity Fitness Cons

While doing our research, we found that members dislike the clumsy rules. Namely, members say that the gym changes the rules all the time. This probably adds to the confusion and the fact that members don’t know what management does. 

R&G Fit Club Gym in Kuta, Bali

R&G Fit Club is a fitness club with an outdoor and indoor area. That’s one thing that makes this particular gym stand out from the rest. Even more relevant to this guide is that R&G is indeed a fitness club. They have all the equipment necessary for you to go about your day training and improving your fitness. Let’s look at the pros and cons of R&G Fit Club.

R&G Fit Club Pros 

What members love the most about this gym is the indoor and outdoor area. At R&G Fit Club, members can choose whether to train outside or inside. And it doesn’t matter where you train, as both locations are stocked with equipment and exercise machines.

Another thing members love about R&G Fit Club is the personal trainers. Members say they are some of the best in the industry. 

R&G Fit Club Cons

Although not necessarily a con, the only drawback to R&G Fit Club is the relatively small space. As a result, R&G Fit Club cannot accommodate the needs of hundreds of members. Moreover, it comes nowhere close to the capacity of other gyms. 

Bali Mandira Gym in Kuta, Bali

Bali Mandira is more than a gym. It’s a beach resort & spa where members get access to exclusive facilities, including a spa, swimming pool, club lounge, and accommodations, among others. But what about fitness facilities? 

Bali Mandira offers a place where you can come in and train, all in the comfort of a resort village. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Bali Mandira.

Bali Mandira Pros

The wide range of facilities is the biggest advantage Bali Mandira holds over other Kuta fitness clubs. Looking at the gym from the surface, it’s clear to everybody that this is a luxurious resort. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t be getting a good workout at Bali Mandira. The resort has it all, and you can call it a fitness club by the amount of exercise equipment. Suffice to say; there’s enough equipment for all members to train and focus on building their bodies.

But the best thing about Bali Mandira is that the fitness club offers privacy while exercising. While their member list is extensive, members love that the gym isn’t crowded. That means you can come in and train, all while knowing you won’t be bothered by huge crowds. 

Bali Mandira Cons

One of the obvious drawbacks of Bali Mandira is the price. Compared to other fitness clubs, Bali Mandira is a high-end-priced gym. But let’s not forget what you’re getting with that membership card. To reiterate, you’re getting access to a resort village and dozens of amenities and facilities. But even still, our readers should know that Bali Mandira might not be affordable to some.

The Bar Gym in Kuta, Bali

The last fitness club on this list is Bar Gym. Bar Gym offers the equipment necessary to give you a proper fitness workout. From free weights to exercise equipment, Bar Gym has it all. Unlike other fitness clubs, Bar Gym doesn’t deviate from what it is. You won’t be getting anything fancy here, such as a swimming pool or a spa. Instead, you can come in and get the workout you need. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Bar Gym.

The Bar Gym Pros

Right out the bat, the thing that makes Bar Gym stand out is the equipment and exercise machines. The gym provides all the tools you need to train and help you achieve the body of your dreams. Another thing members love is the personal trainers. Members say the personal trainers at Bar Gym are some of the best on the island. They help with exercises to help you achieve what you’ve come to do, and they will supplement your time with nutritional guides and guides for weight loss. 

The Bar Gym Cons

While doing our research, we found that the fitness club is relatively small. Bar Gym isn’t a huge place. So naturally, it can be an issue during peak hours. Even more so, the demand for personal trainers might leave some members feeling underwhelmed by their time spent during peak hours. So if you want to train with a trainer at Bar Gym, come during off-peak hours. 


That concludes this relatively short guide on the best fitness clubs in Kuta, Bali. As you can see, we’ve signed out five potential fitness clubs to sign up with. But you shouldn’t take our guide as final. Instead, do your due diligence and find the fitness club that works for you.

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