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Bull Gym VS Hammerhead Gym Bali – Which Gym To Sign Up With?

Bali is a known destination for health and wellness. One of the best ways to enjoy this lifestyle is by signing up with a gym. The two gyms we’ll be reviewing in this guide are Bull Gym and Hammerhead Gym Bali. By looking at their Google Review pages, we can see tons of positive comments for both gyms. Here is a brief overview of how both gyms compare to one another.

  GymBull GymHammerhead Gym
New Equipment🌟🌟🌟🌟
Variety Of Equipment🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Membership Cost Per Month🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Large Areas🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
ClassesCrossFit ClassesFitness Classes
 *Prices are updated as of January 20

Our comparison guide takes into account several factors. We will lay out the most relevant information members need to know in a pros and cons section for each gym. That will hopefully give you a rough estimate of which gym is better to sign up with. Let’s start.

Bull Gym Bali, Canggu

Bull Gym is one of the best gyms on the entire island of Bali. Located in the luxurious village of Canggu, Bull Gym has everything you need to get a proper workout. The gym is widely renowned for having new equipment. In addition, there is so much variety of equipment available to members. For the availability and accessibility of brand new equipment, Bull Gym is one of the best value for money gyms in Canggu. When doing our research, we found that Bull Gym is one of the cheapest gyms out there.

The area of the gym spans across 500 sq/m, which gives members enough room to work out. The gym is so spacious that holding CrossFit classes isn’t an issue for other members. With lots of amenities, access to quality personal coaches, and a strong emphasis on hygiene, Bull Gym is one of the best gyms to sign up with. Let’s go over the pros and cons. 

Bull Gym Pros

Right out the bat, we must praise Bull Gym for their equipment. We already mentioned this in our intro, but the access to brand new training equipment is something that sets Bull Gym aside from others. If you ever want to train with state-of-the-art equipment and fitness machines, Bull Gym is the gym to sign up with. 

The gym is also very cheap. For 1,000,000 RP a month, members get access to the entire gym and all of its facilities. By facilities, we mean a shower area, locker area, and you can even sit down for a protein shake at the bar. Another major highlight is the gym’s friendly staff. Everyone at Bull Gym is respectable and you will have no issue finding space around you to work out. The gym also holds CrossFit classes. The class is made out of six members and is held by a coach. The personal coaches at Bull Gym are some of the best on the island. 

With tons of experience running a gym, Stephanie and Yannick will get you up to speed and help you get the body of your dreams. All in all, we found a lot of positives when reviewing Bull Gym in Canggu, Bali. However, there are negatives that we have to take into account.

Bull Gym Cons

One negative that customers take issue with is that there is no car parking space. But there is sufficient parking if you’re going by scooter or bike. The gym is also quite demanding when it comes to hygiene. The gym asks members to clean the equipment and machines after using them. In addition, the gym is home to a friendly dog. If you’re not a dog person, you might have an issue as the dog freely roams the premises. 

Hammerhead Gym Bali, Seminyak

Hammerhead gym Bali is located in the beach resort area of Seminyak. Seminyak is located in the southern parts of the island, in an area full of luxurious spas, beaches, and nightclubs. That means Hammerhead is a gym that will help you get the body you’ve always wanted while staying in Bali. 

While doing our initial research, we found out that Hammerhead is quite an old-school gym. This was something that surprised us, as members liked the style and direction of the gym. One thing that does go against the gym is that the equipment isn’t brand new. But there is enough variety to satisfy your taste. The gym is quite local and doesn’t cover a large enough area as we would like. However, the overall positive Google reviews show us that members like working out at Hammerhead gym Bali. Here are the pros and cons of Hammerhead Gym Bali.

Hammerhead Gym Bali Pros

Hammerhead is an excellent gym to get into shape while staying in Bali. Due to its unique location, it is one of the highest-rated gyms in Seminyak. There is enough equipment and fitness machines variety to work out. Hammerhead takes pride in being a local gym. 

Hammerhead takes excellent hygiene. The gym provides disinfectants and tissues for members to clean the equipment. Also, the gym has A/C, which adds further comfort when working out on the blazing hot Bali day. The outdoor area is much smaller, but it does provide options for members who want to train outdoors. There is an underground parking space, although there might not be enough space during rush hour.

The prices are quite cheap, around 250,000 for a monthly membership (locals) and around 400,000 for foreigners. This is cheaper than Bull Gym, but for a good reason. Hammerhead lacks the space, brand new equipment, and variety of equipment that Bull Gym offers. Let’s go over the cons section to see what customers are complaining about. 

Hammerhead Gym Bali Cons

Although the gym is very cheap, they have a different charging policy for locals and foreigners. Locals will pay much less than foreigners, which is something that a lot of visitors take issue with. The relatively small size of the gym makes it impossible to work out during rush hour – and it’s difficult to find parking space. In some cases, members have complained that there aren’t enough free weights and machines for everyone. The gym does have lockers, but members are reporting that you can’t lock them. In some instances, members have complained about poor customer service. 

Bull Gym Or Hammerhead Gym Bali?

Even if Hammerhead gym Bali is cheaper than Bull Gym, it comes nowhere near it. Bull Gym is much bigger, has newer equipment, and more variety to choose from. In addition, peak hour isn’t an issue when training with Bull Gym. While both gyms will provide you with an excellent workout, our winner has to be Bull Gym.

So you’re looking for a change of environment and planning to visit the Canggu area, make sure to explore one of the best gyms in the region that offers complete equipment.