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Uluwatu : Best Gyms to Sign Up

Every corner of Bali offers tourists and locals plenty of gyms and fitness centers to sign up with. But choosing the right one can be a difficult task. The most obvious reason is the fact that Bali has hundreds of gyms. And they’re all fighting for you to become their member.

So to find the right gym in Uluwatu, you must do plenty of research. But we’re here to offer a helping hand. We’ve done our due diligence, so you don’t have to, and we have created a list of five gyms/fitness centers in Uluwatu for you to check out. 

Let’s see what the best gyms in Uluwatu are.

Uluwatu Gym

Uluwatu Collective Gym

Uluwatu Collective is a fitness community specializing in CrossFit, Yoga, HIIT, Functional Training, and Weightlifting. They have a gym where you can sign up for all of these classes and work your way to achieve the body of your dreams. 

The main goal of Uluwatu Collective is to offer professional assistance to anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle. In addition to classes, Uluwatu Collective offers personal training and a gym where you can come in and work out.

They stock the gym with free weights and exercise machines to help you reach the desired fitness level. 

They also offer several amenities such as lockers, a rest area, and a cafe where you can grab a smoothie, energy drinks, protein bars, hydrolytes, cakes, or a cup of coffee with a workout buddy. 

Uluwatu Collective also offers fitness holiday programs, beach workout sessions, wellness weekend (a weekend spend improving wellness), and more. 

No doubt, Uluwatu Collective is different from other gyms in Uluwatu but being different makes them exciting.

Gymnasium Bali

Gymnasium Bali is a fitness center with diverse group classes, excellent exercise machines, free weights, and staff that cater to members’ needs.

The gym is very popular with tourists and locals and offers excellent facilities to get your workout done. Members love the equipment, which is all brand new. In addition, there are tons of equipment and enough room for anyone to train without being a nuisance to others.

What made us put Gymnasium Bali on this list are the classes. The gym offers several classes, including Stretching Classes, Functional Training, Neurofitness, Strip-Plastic, MFR, Yoga, and more. So you can come in and pick a class that appeals to you the most and get started instantly.

What makes Gymnasium appealing is the spa. This is their most popular amenity, and it includes a sauna and a pool.

The gym is quite spacious and should be a contender next time you’re looking to sign up for a gym in Uluwatu. 

Bali Training Center

Bali Training Center is a relatively new place, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the better fitness centers in Uluwatu.

The gym promotes a community culture where members socialize during and after training. Bali Training Center really wants you to feel the workout environment it tries to create. As a matter of fact, members love the music and the vibe of the gym.

But enough about the environment, let’s talk about classes. On the classes front, Bali Training Center offers several classes, including HIIT, Muay Thai, Strenght Training, and several others. Members say the trainers will push you to the limit – and they love it. 

But probably the stand-out feature of Bali Training Center is the open space members get access to. With plenty of machines and free weights, there are enough ways to train your body and achieve the desired results.

360 Move Gym & Training Center

360 Move Gym & Training Center in Uluwatu is another gym that, although quite new, can meet your workout needs. The gyms we talked about so far have numerous fitness classes in common. 360 Move Gym & Training Center offers members access to dance classes like Bachata. The open space is stocked with enough free weights and exercise machines to give you a proper workout. The dance studio is for any member who wants to sign up for a dance class and experience fitness in an entirely different light.

The gym’s equipment is super versatile, and there is enough equipment for functional training, weightlifting, and even calisthenics equipment. 

360 Move Gym & Training Center offers daily classes and a wide range of amenities. While doing our research, we found that members love the bar’s healthy protein shakes and snacks. With an outdoor and indoor area to help you train and hone your fitness skills, 360 Move Gym & Fitness Training Center should be on your shortlist for a gym to sign up for in Uluwatu. 

Jaya Gym Uluwatu

Jaya Gym Uluwatu is the last gym/fitness center on this list. While doing our research, we found that Jaya is yet another relatively new gym. Located in the heart of Uluwatu, Jaya Gym is one of the smaller gyms. However, that shouldn’t deter you from giving it a try. 

Members love the workout environment, machines, and free weights the gym has to offer. Members also love the staff and how friendly they are. Since the gym is new, the equipment is also new and in excellent shape. The gym also allows members to work with professional trainers who will get the most out of their fitness goals.

While the gym doesn’t offer any classes, the excellent atmosphere is what draws many to Jaya Gym. 


That concludes this guide on the best gyms in Uluwatu. We create these guides to help our readers determine the best options for getting a proper workout across Bali. 

This guide includes gyms with and without fitness classes. So we’ve added a bit of both to give everyone options the next time they come to Uluwatu looking for a gym to sign up with.