Daily Gym Seminyak

Daily Gym Bali Overview

If you’re looking to get your workout done and enjoy excellent facilities, Daily Gym in Seminyak, Bali, is an option to consider. The gym is popular with locals and travelers alike and provides members with all the equipment and amenities necessary to build the body of their dreams.
But what exactly are members getting by signing up with Daily Gym Bali? We will give you all the necessary information to determine if Daily Gym Bali is the right fitness center for you.
Let’s start.

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A Quick Overview Of Daily Gym

We look at the important factors when determining if a gym is a right fit for our readers. One of those factors is Google ratings. Google ratings help us conclude what members think of the gym. And we’re pleased to report that Daily Gym has plenty of happy customers.

What members love the most about Daily Gym are the equipment and classes (two areas we will focus on in this guide separately). In addition, members love the amenities the gym provides.

When it comes to amenities, there are certain things that every gym should offer, like towels, lockers, showers, and free parking. Well, Daily Gym offers all that and some more. The list of amenities of Daily Gym concludes with a protein bar, free shampoo and soap, and personal training. 

When it comes to price, the gym offers affordable and flexible memberships. Members can sign up for a week, month, or three months or purchase daily passes. The flexibility in pricing is something members love about Daily Gym.

Fitness Classes

We should mention that Daily Gym offers two classes. Those are Muay Thai and Boxing. The gym separates these classes into Martial Arts and Boxing. If you expected other classes, we should mention that Daily Gym focuses heavily on combat sports. It is one of the few gyms in Seminyak with a boxing ring and combat sports classes.

Many class members use the gym to train their skills in the two respected sports. So if you’re a boxing or Muay Thai fan, a membership with Daily Gym should be an option.


When we look at the gym’s equipment, there are plenty of things to say. The gym has a wide range of equipment and machines designed to give you the support necessary to work on achieving your fitness goals. 

The most popular cardio equipment are treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, and rowing machines. 

But the list of exercise machines doesn’t stop there. The gym has all the machines necessary to work on any part of your body. The gym offers a wide range of machines, from bench presses to decline benches to pull-up bars and triceps presses.

In addition, the gym has free weights in the form of dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, etc. 


While conducting our research, we found that members have positive feelings towards Daily Gym Bali. We hope this short guide explains what Daily Gym can offer you and hopefully encourage you to give it a try.