best gyms in seminyak

The Best Gyms in Seminyak to Sign Up With

Seminyak is the beach resort area of Bali you all need to go and experience for yourself. However, if you’re staying longer, we recommend joining a gym or fitness center. The guide we’re writing today is for everyone looking to sign up with a gym in Seminyak. As one can imagine, there is no shortage of gyms in this part of Bali, so picking the right one is crucial. While day passes are excellent membership plans that help determine if a particular gym is the right one for you, we’re hoping to help by providing a rough overview of some of the most popular Seminyak gyms.

So without wasting too much time, let’s start. 

Bali Fitness Seminyak Gym 

Bali Fitness is one of the most popular fitness gyms in Seminyak that also offers members exclusive access to multiple classes. With this approach, Bali Fitness hopes to attract regular gym goers and members who want to join a particular class. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Bali Fitness.

Bali Fitness Gym Pros

The amount of classes you can sign up for is a huge draw of this particular gym. The gym has pilates, body pump, cycling, yoga, combat, and core-building classes that appeal to many members. In addition, the gym offers an indoor and outdoor area where members can lift weights, run the treadmill, and do everything a gym offers. The staff and the way they conduct themselves is a huge plus. From doing our research, we found that members praise the staff for their conduct and the way they’re always eager to help members with anything they need.

Bali Fitness Gym Cons

When looking at the areas Bali Fitness lacks, there aren’t many to discuss. However, one thing we will mention is the selection of equipment. Some members complain that there isn’t enough equipment to train during peak hours. While this might be true, it’s a testament to how many members want to join this particular gym.

Louis And Friends Fitness Gym in Seminyak

Louis and Friends Fitness gym is a gym that focuses on creating an environment where everyone is a close gym buddy. As such, one thing we will mention is the friendly staff and supportive management team that caters to the needs of their members. Louis and Friends is a “homie” style gym with everything you need to get a good workout. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this particular gym.

Louis and Friends Fitness Gym Pros

What members love the most about this gym is the environment. The gym management does an excellent job of marketing the gym as a friendly environment where members come in and feel like part of the family. While doing our research, we also found that Louis and Friends have all the equipment and machines necessary for members to get a good workout. In addition, the gym constantly offers promotions, meaning you can get your membership at a reduced price

Louis and Friends Gym Cons

On the other hand, the gym isn’t that big. Therefore, during peak hours, members have to wait for others to finish before using the machines. Even if this is an obvious drawback, it’s logical to assume that no business will seize to acquire new members just because things are crowded. What they can do is look to expand or add more machines. However, that’s a problem for the management team, not this guide.

Hammerhead Fitness Gym in Seminyak

Hammerhead Fitness welcomes beginner and professional bodybuilders and weightlifters to join their gym and achieve their workout goals. The gym has excellent facilities and workout equipment to satisfy the needs of its members. Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of Hammerhead Fitness Gym.

Hammerhead Fitness Pros

Right out the bat, the first thing that stands out is the gym’s workout equipment. The gym has more than 80 workout stations and free weights to support the needs of many of its members. Conveniently, the gym employs excellent staff that is welcoming and helpful. Members praise the gym’s management for creating an environment where beginner and professional athletes can work out and thrive. Even more impressively are the personal trainers that lead the many classes.

Hammerhead Fitness Cons

One thing that members take issue with is the price. Namely, although competitive, the gym charges different rates for locals and foreigners. This leaves many foreign members feeling unwanted and questioning the need to charge them differently. 

Soham Wellness Gym Seminyak

Soham Wellness Center is a gym and a wellness center combined into one. They cater to the needs of different groups and create an environment where members can come in and train and relax at their spa and wellness center. With impressive facilities and excellent workout equipment, let’s look at the areas where the gym excels and lacks.

Soham Wellness Center Pros

Soham Wellness Center offers members impressive facilities to train and relax, with a strong emphasis on wellness. The strengths of Soham are its spa and wellness facilities, along with the many classes and the gym. Simply said, Soham Wellness Center combines multiple areas into one. You can come in and train or try their spa. For those looking for specific classes, Soham also has it. In addition, Soham has a lounge area, a cafe, and a lifestyle shop where you can come in and enjoy your time after a workout.

Soham Wellness Center Cons

One drawback of Soham Wellness Center is the cardio machines. Namely, members have been complaining a lot about many cardio machines taking a long time to repair. 

Daily Gym Bali

Daily Gym Bali is a regular gym with everything members need to exercise correctly. Members praise the gym’s staff for being helpful and attending to their needs. Let’s look at the good and the bad of Daily Gym Bali.

Daily Gym Bali Pros

Right out the bat, the gym is spacious enough to accommodate the workout needs of its members. With plenty of free weights and exercise machines, Daily Gym in Seminyak has everything members need to come in and achieve the bodies of their dreams. They are also flexible and include several membership plans. 

Daily Gym Cons

Unlike other gyms, Daily Gym doesn’t have classes. While it’s difficult to justify this as a negative, lacking any fitness classes means Daily Gym loses a portion of customers interested in a specialized workout. 


That concludes this guide on the best gyms in Seminyak. Although this guide provides a surface-level overview of each gym, members should research and determine which gym is best priced and can attend to their needs. We hope that this guide at least provides some information the next time you hope to sign up with a gym in Seminyak, Bali.